An adjective is a word that describes or qualifies a noun or pronoun. It gives more information about a noun or pronoun. Examples: wonderful, beautiful, small, loud, rough Remember that adjectives in English have no plural form. The same form of the adjective is used for both singular and plural nouns. INCORRECT: some differents plans […]


A verb is a word that signifies action, occurrence, or state of being. A verb shows what someone or something is doing. Example: talk, walk, eat, sing, write, dance KINDS OF VERBS ACCORDING TO USE Transitive Verbs are verbs that express an action which passes from a doer to receiver. It is followed by nouns […]


A pronoun is a word of form that substitutes for a noun or a noun phrase. Most pronouns have an antecedent, or a noun that has already been specified previously, through some have no antecedent. These word takes away the monotony of repeating the nouns over and over again. Examples: He, She, It, They, Them, […]