An open letter to all Licensed Teachers who still working so hard to become Public Teacher.

-I know how exhausting it is to comply with all the requirements needed for the ranking. It is draining both physically and financially.
When processing you need to lend money especially when you don’t have work and worst you will hear someone says “kelan ka pa magkakasweldo.”😥And you will have to endure yung mahabang pila sa PSA,NBI just to comply all of it .
-I know how pressure it is to prepare your lesson plan and study your demo because you wanted it to be perfectly done in front of the school heads who’s going to observe you. You cannot eat well because of the pressure .You cannot sleep well because you need to practice for your demo.
And when the ranking is done,that doesn’t mean na makukuha ka agad because that depends on your rank if you pass the RQA . If not you have to go through to all the process and from the beginning next ranking.If nakapass ka sa RQA that’s not an assurance that you will have your position to DepEd.
Imagine that?
-To our parents
We love you.Your sacrifices is the reason of who we are today. But please, Be patient. We are looking forward to the day that we can afford to give and say “Ma ,Pa , eto allowance mo.Payday na eh “But its a lonnggggg process.It’s depressing sometimes that we are doing everything to have our position in our chosen profession when we hear someone “ Mabuti pa anak ni ano ,Nakapatayo na nang bahay .Mabuti pa si ano.”
-To all teachers, you have gone so far . You prove yourself when you get your degree. You still strive to study to have your License. And you still fighting your way to becoming Public Teacher and that’s something to be proud of. Keep on striving, When it’s His time. The Lord will make it happen.☺️

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