CLE Reviewer Part 1


1. In photography, contrast means.


a. Subject difference  

b. Camera difference  

c. Tonal difference        

d. Total difference


ans: c


2. Camera essential which is responsible for the image formation

 on the focal plane.

a. Light tight box          

b. Shutter 

c. Film holder               

d. Lens   

e. Film


ans: d


3. Sensitivity of the film in recording light is determined by: 

a. Its trade mark  

b. Its t-number  

c. Its chemical composition  

d. Its ASA number  

e. The X-number


ans: d

4. The process of making photographs of minutes objects with the use of a camera attached to a microscope is-    

a. Macrophotography             

b. Microphotography 

c.  Chromatography            

d. Photomicrography           

e. Photomacrography


ans: d


5. Normal or common developing time for a normally exposed paper is about:            

a. 3 minutes                

b. 2 minutes 

c. 1 minute                   

d. 1 ½ minute               

e. 5 minutes


ans: d


6. Light travel in a straight line in the form of-    

a. Clouds                        

b. Wind  

c. Rains

d. Wave/vibration

e. Energy


ans: d

7.  Photographing the crime scene with a very narrow space, the lens that should be used.  

A. Wide angle lens                

b. Telephoto lens

c. Zoom lens               

d. Normal lens


ans: a


8. Device used in measuring the intensity of light as a basis for the correct setting for the allowance of photographic rays to strike the film.

a. Range finder

b. Rapid rectilinear 

c. Densio meter

d. Exposure meter


ans: d


9 . Light gathering power of the lens. 

a. Range finder

b. Focal plane   

c. Focal length     

d. Aperture          

e. Depth of field


ans: c


10. Distinguish or sharpness of details in a photograph. 

a. Contrast

b. Composition   

c. Tone                

d. Density

e. Defamation


ans: a


11. Curtain with slots various widths located immediately in front of the film, in which the movement of any of the slots across the film provides the exposure when the release button is pressed. 

a. Before the lens shutter

b. Central plane shutter 

c. Between the lens shutter

d. After lens shutter

e. Focal plane shutter


ans: d


12. Comes from the Greek words “phos” and “grapho” which means draw by light.

a. Forensic photography        

b. Photography

c. Police photography    

d. Forensic photography


ans: b


13. Light sensitivity of the film. 

a. ASA number    

b. DIN 

c. ISO                      

d. All of the above


ans: d


14. Light sensitive part of the film and the photographic paper.

a. Emulsion

b. Acetate 

c. Silver halides 

d. Chemical compounds


ans: a


15.Which of the following is not a factor in the computation for exposure-

a. ASA rating             

b. Lighting condition

c. Type of subject

d. Synchronization


ans: d


16. Which of the following factors does not affect  developing time of the film?

a. Agitation & exposure          

b. Concentration of chemicals

c. Temperature   

d. Fixation


ans: d


17.In chemical processing for film and paper, the tray must be in the order of-

a. Developer, Stop-bath, Fixer, Washing 

b. Stop-bath, Fixer, Developer, washing

c. Fixer, developer, stop-bath, washing  

d. Washing, stop bath, fixer, developer


ans: a


18.This is the chemical that prevents fog on the film during development-

a. Potassium bromide  

b. Boric acid      

c. Sodium sulphite

d. Potassium alum


ans: a


19. The literal meaning of the word photography is the drawing with

a. Camera             

b. Light                                    

c. Film

d. Developer


ans: b


20. Which of the following is not a factor in the computation for temperature?

a. Asa rating of the film    

b. lighting condition          

c. type of camera

d. Type of subject)


ans: c


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