CSE Reviewer Part 29

1. The protagonist in the movie “The Sound of Music” is ______ Maria.


A fraulein

B. frau


ANS: A, fraulein

- ‘fraulein’ is the german word for Miss, while ‘Frau’ is for Mistress. Maria is a married woman in the movie. Thus, fraulein is the correct answer.


2.  Maria started working as a _________ in the Von Trapp Family.


A. governor

B. governess


ANS: B. governess

- Governess is a household administrator while’ governor’ is the head of a province.


3. _______ Montague will soon own all the land his eyes can see.


A. Mademoiselle

B. Monsieur


Ans: B. Monsieur

- the pronoun his refers to a male and so does “Monsieur”


4. _____ john and vince are the sons of the Queen of Genovia.


A. Princess

B. Princes


Ans: B. Princes

- the second choices are the plural of “prince”, while the first refers to a female royalty.


5. James Bond had different _______ in his movies.


A. heroins

B. heroines


Ans: B. heroines

- The first choice refers to a kind of illegal drug while the second refers to the chief female character in a story.


6. At the early age of 25, Peter is given the title _____ of Cambridge.


A. duke

B. duchess


Ans: A. duke

- the first choice is masculine while the second is feminine. Since the subject is named peter, we assume the masculine form.


7. His wife, Aurora, is now the _______ of Islington.


A. duke

B. duchess


Ans: B. duchess

- the subject Aurora is a female so use ‘duchess’


8. Hermione is known as the brightest ______ of her time.


A. witch

B. wizard


Ans:  A. witch

- as a reference to the Harry Potter series, Hermione is a female character so we use ‘witch’


9. King Arthur had a _____ adviser named Merlin.


A. witch

B. wizard


Ans: B. wizard

- Merlin is a male character so we use ‘wizard’


10. I am a big fan of Professor _______ Lydia Cruz.


A. emerita

B. emeritus


Ans: A. emerita

- Lydia Cruz is a female character so we use ‘emerita’


11. Kent is still a ________ because he serves as the breadwinner of the family


A. spinster

B. bachelor


Ans: B. bachelor

- ‘bachelor’ means a man who is not and has never been married’.


12. Nick’s ________ received alimony after the burial.


A. widow

B. widower


Ans: A. widow

- ‘widow means ‘a woman who has lost her husband by death and has not married again’.


13. The new administratix wants to implement ______ rules today.


A. his

B. her


Ans: B. her

- ‘administratix’ is a female administrator’.


14. When they visited the farm, they saw a _________ lay eggs.


A. duck

B. doe


Ans: A. duck

- od the two choices only a ‘duck’ lays eggs.


15. The monks adore Ben. They believed he will be a great ______ .


A.  earl

B. abbot


Ans: B. abbot

- ‘abbot’ means ahead of an abbey of monks while the earl means a British nobleman’.


16. Bianca was known  to be famous ________ in the  District Attorney’s Office


A. executor

B. executrix


Ans: B. executrix

- an executrix is a female executor.


17. The _________ laughed as her brother fell off the horse.


A. czarina

B. czar


Ans: A. czarina

- the pronoun she refers to a female.


18. Manny was delighted when he was addressed as ______ when he visited Italy.


A. signor

B. signora


Ans: A. signor

- ‘signor’ is the Italian of mister.


19. Jack and the Beanstalk is a famous tale that deals with ________ .


A. giants

B. giantess


Ans: A. giants

-  when addressed as a whole species, we use ‘giants’


20. Elizabeth lives as a ______ in the city of Paris.


A. count

B. countess


Ans: B. countess

- countess is a woman holding the rank of a count or an earl.


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