CSE Reviewer Part 30

1. The world faces many faces  many ______ at the moment.


A. criseses

B. crises


Ans: B. crises

- as discussed the plural form of crisis ‘crises’.


2. Daniel can eat three _____ of cake in five minutes.


A. slices

B. slice


Ans: A. slices

- the plural form od slice is ‘slices’


3. The retired major’s uniform is adorned with lots of _____ as proof of his service.


A. regalia

B. regalium


Ans: A. regalia

- regalia has no singular form.


4. I saw three _______ at the same time.


A. rainbow

B. rainbows


Ans: B. rainbows

- ‘rainbows’ is the plural from of rainbow.


5. Jeremy needed money to buy a new pair of _______ .


A. eyeglass

B. eyeglasses


Ans: B. eyeglasses

- eye glasses is a plural in form and in use.


6. Yvonne saw a _______ of fish when she went swimming in Maldives.


A. school

B. swarm


Ans: A. school

- we use school when talking about a group of fishes.


7. Daisy bought a pair of ______ because it was on sale.


A. Daisy

B. pants


Ans: B. pants

- pants is plural in from and in use.


8. “My mom sends her _______ for the gift you sent!


A. thank

B. thanks


Ans: B. thanks

- thanks is a noun and is more appropriate for the sentence


9. The _____ on the mountain top is incomparable.


A. sceneries

B. scenery


Ans: B. scenery

The subject is singular and thus we use the second choice.


10. I became my friends ‘ _______ today.


A. chauffeur

B. chauffeurs


Ans: A. chauffeur

- the subject is singular and thus we use the first choice.


11. We have to finish the __________ of research data.


A. analysis

B. analysis


Ans: B. analysis

- the sentence talks about only one group of data so we use the singular form.


12. There are lot of __________ in the forest.


A. deer

B. deers


Ans: A. deer

- is a collective noun denoting any quadruped


13. Every week, we have to meet the __________ for us to get our salary.


A. quoti

B. quota


Ans: B. quota

- quota is always singular in form


14. The single ________ that we need for our project is missing.


A. datum

B. data


Ans: A. datum

- datum is the singular in form


15. The class is anxious that they might not graduate because of their _________ .


A. thesis

B. theses


Ans: B. theses

- the sentence talks about many theses so we use the plural  form.


16. Upperclassmen are fond of pulling off ___________ to the freshmen during first day classes.


A. hoaxen

B. hoaxes


Ans: B. hoaxes

- the plural form is hoaxes


17. Please follow up the ____________ for our book.


A. indices

B. indexes


Ans: A. indices

- although both are accepted as the plural form, the technical one is indices.


18. I have to take up five ___________ classes.


A. mathematics

B. mathematecs


Ans: A. mathematics

- the correct spelling of the world is the first choice.


19. The students were tasked to present a ____________ for their final exam.


A. soliloqi

B. soliloquy


Ans: B. soliloquy

- the second choice is the correct spelling of the world.


20. Mariah Carey’s concert was full of ___________ .


A. peoples

B. people



Ans: the world is used collectively in this context so we used collectively in this context so we use people


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