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A Senator of a Member of the House of the Representatives shall, in all offenses by not more than ___ years imprisonment, be privileged from arrest while the Congress in this session.


Each House of may determine rules of its proceedings, punish its Member for disorderly behavior and with the concurrence of _______ of all Members, suspend or expel a member.


The residency requirement for a Member of the house of the Representatives in the district in which he shall be elected is not less than:


The House of Representative shall bee composed of more than how many members, unless otherwise fixed law?


The party-list representative shall constitute how many per centum of the total number of representative including those under the party list.


A person can be a Senator unless he is a resident of the Philippines for not less than:


The Congress shall convene once every year on the ________ for its regular session.


How many years is the term of a Member of the House of Representatives?


Each City of at least, how many shall have one representative.


No senator shall serve for more than ____ consecutive terms


In Art. 6 Sec. 16, what is the maximum penalty of suspension for an erring Member of the House?


What is the minimum age for a member of the House of Representatives?


What is the length of the term of office of the Senators?


When the regular election of the Senators and the Members of the House Representative?


When shall the team of office of senator commence, unless provide by law?


The Senate and the House of Representatives shall each have an _____ which shall be the sole judge of all contest relating to the election, returns and qualifications of their respective members.


No Member of the House of Representative shall serve for more than ____ consecutive terms?


What is the minimum age of the senator?


How many members are there in this election body in no. 9?


How many Senators should the Senate be composed?


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