Prof. Ed Part 1

1. After listening to the homily of the priest about fidelity, Catherine has a moment of reflection. Her understanding of the value of fidelity has become deeper as she related this to her past experience. This typifies what kind of philosophy?


a. Constructivism      

b. Reconstructivism    

c. Humanism

d. Existentialism


Ans: d


2. Teacher Vincent is a new teacher. He realizes that handling his student’s misbehavior is a very demanding aspect of classroom management. In this regard he thought of giving up teaching. What advice can you give him?


a. Report every student’s misbehavior to the principal

b. Agree with the class on what rules to follow

c. Set the ground rules for the whole class

d. None of the above


Ans: b


3. Which of the following is a result of compressing a file?


a. The file size is smaller

b. The file deleted 

c. The three character extension is hidden

d. All file properties


Ans: a


4. Mrs. Anita Kusing was not accepted by a certain company because of her age. This discrimination based on age is called


a. Gerontism c. Agelism

b. Autism d. Senilism


Ans: c


5. Vincent parents do not want their child with ADHD to undergo drug treatment, their better alternative would be


a. Behavior modification or behavior management

b. Psychotherapy 

c. Punishment

d. Progressive inhibition


Ans: b



6. Ripple effect can also be seen in misdemeanor. The teacher should therefore:


a. Reinforce positive behavior 

b. Immediately responds to misbehavior

c. Be consistent in classroom management

d. Count 1 to 10 before she gets angry


Ans: b


7. Metacognition is primarily characterized by:


a. Recalling the past lesson 

b. Thinking about their thinking 

c. Visualizing in advance

d. Formulating hypothesis


Ans: b


8. A person who is friendly and has a capacity to make people laugh possesses: 


a. Interpersonal intelligence

b. Naturalistic intelligence 

c. Spatial intelligence

d. Intrapersonal intelligence


Ans: a


9. Which of the following is an example of norm-referenced interpretation?


a. Josh’s test score is higher that 89% of the class

b. Francis set up his laboratory equipment in 2 minutes

c. RJ solve five problems correctly out of thirty words

d. Bea must spell twenty five words correctly out of thirty words


Ans: a


10. A type of error committed in grading the performance of the students by the rater who avoids both extremes of the scale and tends to rate everyone as revenge


a. Severity error 

b. Central tendency error

c. Generosity error

d. Logical error


Ans: b


11. Which of the following test items can be effectively measure higher order of cognitive learning objectives?


a. Achievement test 

b. Extended essay test

c. Completion test

d. Objective test


Ans: b


12. A student finding it hard to read. When the guidance counselor traced the child’s history, the counselor was able to find out the student came from a dysfunctional family, aside from that the child was abused and neglected. What could have caused the students reading disability?


a. Poor teaching

b. Emotional factors 

c. Neurological factors

d. Immunity


Ans: b


13. The best example Operant conditioning among the following is:


a. Fostering conductive learning environment

b. Connecting facts and concept 

c. Using reinforcement

d. Using manipulative device


Ans: c


14. The failure in the test of independence among Filipino students can be attributed to


a. Lack of skills 

b. High degree of dependence to authority

c. Strong family ties

d. All of the above


Ans: b


15. Mrs. Soriano is admitted for being an effective classroom manager. She is not only friendly but at the same time be_______


a. Confident c. Analytical

b. Business-like d. Buddy-buddy


Ans: b


16. Which of the following would be the most fitting action for the teacher who is having a relationship with his/her student?


a. Deny the relationship

b. Continue the relationship and exercise utmost professional discretion about this

c. Enjoy the relationship while it last

d. Defer the relationship until they are already to admit it


Ans: b


17. The following is TRUE in the development of understanding in early childhood, except:


a. Abilities to reason and to see relationship

b. Sensory experiences 

c. Ability to explore their environment 

d. Ability to ask questions


Ans: a


18. Teacher Eric would like to compare and contrast plant cell vs. animal cell. He would most likely use:


a. Fishbone diagram      c. Tree Diagram

b. Venn Diagram       d. KWL chart


Ans: b


19. Which of the following are the basic components of curriculum design?


a. Assessment, teaching strategies and textbooks

b. Content, structure and deliver

c. Philosophy, goals and objectives

d. Standards, learning competencies, and evaluation


Ans: b


20. The following are examples of learning centered design except:


a. Child centered design 

b. Life situation design

c. Humanistic centered design

d. Experience centered design



Ans: b


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