Prof.Ed Part 2

1. Which of the following statements about computer viruses are TRUE?


a. Text files are the only files to be corrupted by virus.

b. Files damaged by computer viruses can be cured

c. Files are always permanently damage by viruses

d. Compressed files can never be damaged by viruses


Ans: b


2. The students of Teacher Corazon feels that their teacher has an “eye behind her head” this characteristics of the teacher is known as:


a. Referent Power 

b. Withitness

c. Pygmalion Effect

d. Rosenthal Effect

Ans: c


3. After studying the Principle of identity, teaching Beng ask her students to determine which among the given set of problems conforms to the said identity. This shows that teacher beng upholds this kind of philosophy?


a. Perennialism

b. Progressivism

c. Essentialism

d. Naturalism

Ans: d


4. How will you classify the purpose of the school as it concerns with the training and preparation of citizens for the world of work?


a. Political Purpose    

b. Cognitive Purpose    

c. Economic Purpose

d. Social Purpose

Ans: b


5. A child submitted a poor written report but package with boringly colored paper cover. This showcase____.


a. Art over academics 

b. “porma” over substance

c. Substance over “porma”

d. Art over science


Ans: b


6. Clearance has inherent skills in taking care of plants. It is highly possible that she has ________ intelligence.


a. Intrapersonal intelligence

b. Naturalistic intelligence 

c. Spatial intelligence

d. Existential intelligence


Ans: b


7. According to Erickson, a child who is cold towards that people among him might have failed to attain what basic goal based on psychosocial development?


a. Autonomy

b. Trust

c. Initiative

d. Mistrust

Ans: b


8. What is most likely characteristic of children aged 3 to 5 according to Erickson?


a. Mischievous

b. Egocentric

c. Lazy

d. Altruistic

Ans: b


9. Mrs. Cruz dreams to organize a seminar with a known poet from another country but she cannot afford to spend for a transportation of the said poet. Which of the following can she use so she won’t need to spend much?


a. Distant communication

b. Instant messaging 

c. Video conferencing

d. Podcasting


Ans: c


10. Teacher Lally wants her students to express their opinions regarding a certain government issue. Which of the following can she use to do this?


a. Forum

b. Blog

c. Email

d. Group messaging system

Ans: a


11. Which is the first step in planning periodic test?


a. Select the type of test to be used 

b. Construct a table specification

c. Go back to the instructional objectives

d. Determine the group of whom the test is intended


Ans: c


12. Below is a list of methods used to establish the reliability of a test, which method is questionable due to practice and familiarity?


a. Split half 

b. Equivalent form

c. Kuder Richardson

d. Test retest

Ans: d


13. What is meaning of TOS in the parlance of test construction?


a. Table of specifics 

b. Table of specification

c. Table of specific test

d. Table of subject


Ans: a


14. Ms. Soriano will be absent for two days because of a national conference. She wants her student to work on a certain module. What is the fastest way of sending the module to her students while she is away?


a. Share it to all her students in her live account

b. Email a module to her students

c. Send the module through group instant messaging

d. Message each of the students on a social networking site


Ans: b


15. Teacher Vincent is assigned to handle a multiple grade class. What instructional material must be used to provide the need of each grade?


a. Differentiated materials to cater to different levels

b. Multisensory materials

c. Colorful, useful and durable materials

d. Materials of high level thinking skills


Ans: a


16. A document publishes by a school district that identifies rules of behavior that must be followed by anyone using the school districts computers, network, or internet connection.


a. Ethical internet use policy

b. Classroom rules  

c. Acceptable use policy

d. Fair use


Ans: a


17. Which of the following are the rationales behind using technology in the classrooms?

I.   Motivational 

II.  Unique instructional capabilities 

III. Increase Teachers’ Productivity


a. I only 

b. I and II only

c. II and III only

d. I, II, and III

Ans: d


18. Using Bloom’s Taxonomy, the highest among the following is:


a. Critical Comprehension 

b. Critical evaluation

c. Integration

d. Literal comprehension


Ans: b


19. Among the following educators, who proposed the placement of children in a “prepared environment”?


a. Thorndike

b. Montessori

c. Kilpatrick

d. Froebel


Ans: a


20. To improve comprehension and retention among the students, the teachers best option would be use


a. Six thing hats

b. SQ3R

c. Contextual Clues

d. Autodidactic Activities


Ans: b


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