Prof.Ed Part 3

1. The teachers are facilitators of learning. Which of the following negates this principle?


a. Performs not only classrooms roles but community involvement as well

b. Focus background of the students

c. Familiar with the latest innovations in teaching

d. Uses pro-active discipline method


Ans: b


2. Which of these philosophies is reflective of the Dewey’s which s\tresses the development of an individual capable of reflecting thinking specially that of being able to solve the problem he faces individually or collectively?


a. Disciplinism 

b. Developmentalism

c. Experimentation

d. Rationalism


Ans: c


3. The present military training in our school curriculum is an influence of:


a. Sparta

b. Rome

c. Greece

d. Athens


Ans: a


4. Basic education includes secondary education. Which of the following contributed to the establishment of secondary schools?


a. Reformation 

b. Rationalism

c. Realistic

d. Human Education


Ans: c


5. The nearest to the real thing according to Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience is:


a. Watching demo 

b. Viewing images

c. Attending Exhibit

d. Hearing and listening


Ans: b


6. This is pre-planned collection of sample of student works, assessed results and other output produced by the students:


a. Anecdotal report 

b. Diary

c. Portfolio

d. Observation image


Ans: c


7. Which of the following statements is one of the strength of an autobiography as a technique for personality appraisal?


a. It can replace data obtain from other data techniques

b. It may be read by unauthorized people

c. It gives complete data about the author

d. It makes possible presentation of intimate experiences


Ans: c


8. The present Philippine Teachers professionalization Act had its beginning on what period of roman history?


a. 295 B.C. - schools were elementary only

b. A.D. 100 - A.D. 175 - government increased its subsidy for education

c. 132 B.C. - A.D. 100 - Latin literature and grammar were perfected

d. A.D. 274-259 - government establish a monopoly on education


Ans: b


9. Whose philosophy influences the present emphasis on character education and values education in our school system?


a. Tagore

b. Gandhi

c. Confucius

d. Bonifacio


Ans: c


10. During the distribution of the report card, which of the following must be the foremost concern of teacher?


a. Discuss the projects of the school

b. Discuss the unsettled bill of the students

c. Discuss the progress as well as the deficiencies of the stu7dent

d. Discuss the complaints of other teachers and classmates of the students


Ans: b


11. The main contribution of the Arroyo Administration in education is Republic Act No. 9155. This provision:


a. Started the national scholarship program

b. Renamed the DECS to DepEd 

c. Conceptualized the K-12 Education Program

d. Established the study now-pay later system


Ans: b


12. The main Purpose of compulsory education of the constitution is to:


a. Prepare students to be lawyer

b. Develop students with into responsible thinking citizen

c. Acquaint students with the historical development of the constitution

d. Make student’s constitutional expert


Ans: b


13. Which of the following situations which violate the principle of respect?


a. Teacher B is giving special favor to students to please so that she can get a remarkable result in the evaluation

b. Teacher A tells her student that what teacher B taught is wrong

c. Teacher B, upon learning what teacher A did, asked the students not to attend her class 

d. All of the above


Ans: d


14. If a teacher states that specialization knows more and more about less and less, hence it is better to be generalist. What kind of philosophy does he uphold?


a. Positivism

b. Essentialism

c. Progressivism

d. Existentialism


Ans: b


15. Teacher Paul is an inspiration to almost all of the students. His efficiency and effectiveness in the profession is truly outstanding. Which of the following describes this attitude towards him?


a. Naturalism

b. Progressivism

c. Idealism

d. Perennialism


Ans: c



16. Teacher finds teaching in a multi cultural classes very challenging. Which among the following choices will alleviate the difficulty of addressing these challenges?


a. She must embody a curriculum rather than perspective

b. She must nurture diversity rather than practicing domination and oppression

c. She must consider stereo typing rather than cultural identities and biased attitudes

d. She must welcome one sided view rather than the recognition of biases 


Ans: b


17. Ms. Janina is the most admired pre-school teacher in her school. Which among the following can best explain her being a good teacher?


a. She endorses all the projects of the school for her students 

b. She manages to instill control to her students

c. She gives easy exams to her students

d. She adheres to the want of the parents for their children


Ans: b


18. Teacher Vincent bought a hamster in the class during the lecture about mammals. The hamster is a device commonly known as a REALIA. Teacher can bring realia only when:


a. Workable

b. Available

c. Feasible

d. Affordable


Ans: c


19. When asked, students of teacher Eric described him as someone who knows what he is talking about.  Teacher Eric therefore exhibits a power known as:


a. Expert power 

b. Reward power

c. Referent power

d. Legitimate power


Ans: a


20. When choosing an instructional aide or device, the primary consideration of the teacher would be:


a. Suitability

b. Cost

c. Availability

d. Efficiency



Ans: a


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