Prof.Ed Part 4

1. To show disapproval to the misbehavior of the student, Teacher Paul clears his throat and looks intently at the erring. This classroom management style is commonly known as:

a. Direct appeal          

b. Proximity control   

c. Dropping of name

d. Signal interference


Ans: d


2. Which of the computer-based instructional tool can help you revise written work such as short stories and essays?


a. Spreadsheets 

b. Database

c. Desktop publishing

d. Word processing


Ans: d


3. Ms. Agatep wants to show to her class a magnified picture of the Mt. Pinatubo’s crater fixed on a bond paper. Which of the following tools can she use?


a. Slides 

b. Filmstrip 

c. Overhead Projector

d. Opaque Projector


Ans: d


4. As a teacher employing the project-based multimedia learning (PBML) strategy, what are some limitations teachers expect from the encounter?

I. There is a need for extending the to use several media

II. The presentation of the product is not an easy task

III. The technology skills to produce a product maybe lacking 


a. I, II, III

b. III only

c. I only

d. II only


Ans: a


5. B.F. skinner is a known psychologist and the one who first to describe operant conditioning. Which of the techniques is an application of operant conditioning?


a. Master learning

b. Process approach 

c. Project method

d. Computer assisted instruction


Ans: b


6. Which of the following choices is considered as social force that affects the school and the curriculum?


a. Nature of knowledge 

b. Learners’ characteristics

c. Learner’s style

d. Changes in gender roles


Ans: d


7. Which of the following is an expression of child’s interest in his body?


a. Comparing themselves with others 

b. Looking at themselves in the mirror 

c. Commenting on various parts o the body

d. Looking the picture of adult men and women


Ans: c


8. Motor development is satisfied by a particular child who;


a. Recognize the different sizes of toys given to him

b. Learns how to walk, run, steer and jump

c. Has playmates within the neighborhood & is popular among kids

d. Known how to control his emotions because he could not ride the motor cycle


Ans: b


9. Which among the following drugs is commonly used for children with ADHD?


a. Valium

b. Haldol

c. Retalin

d. Thorazine


Ans: c


10. What is the main reason why children with ADHD have limited learning skills?


a. Act on impulse and cannot concentrate 

b. Must take stimulants which shorten attention span

c. Are given sedatives which make them listen

d. Are mildly retarded


Ans: a


11. Many concerned parents commonly make the mistake of:


a. Deliberately creating high levels of stress for their child

b. Unintentionally rewarding their children for creating stress

c. Attempting to protect their children from all stress

d. Unintentionally creating high levels of stress for their child


Ans: c


12. Stuttering is commonly caused by:


a. Problem with physical origin

b. Psychological consequence of permissive parenting

c. Side effects of authoritarian parenting

d. Result of fixation caused by conflicts during toilet training\


Ans: c


13. How can parents foster initiative and independence in children?


a. Mastering psychomotor skills

b. Encouragement from parents when a child plans carries out a task

c. Identity versus role confusion 

d. None of the above


Ans: a


14. Which stage considers teachers, peers and adults outside the home important in shaping attitude toward oneself?


a. Initiative versus guilt 

b. Industry versus inferiority

c. Trust versus mistrust

d. Integrity versus despair


Ans: b


15. When a child manifest mutism, self-destructive behavior and echolalia, the child might be showing the symptoms of:


a. Anorexia nervosa 

b. Childhood autism

c. Dyslexia



Ans: b


16. When a person’s moral choices are determined by the direct consequences of actions. He is most like in the stage of:


a. Conventional 

b. Concrete

c. Post conventional

d. Pre conventional


Ans: d


17. What is the motivation of the person who paints for the sheer enjoyment of creating artwork?


a. Insufficient      

b. Intrinsic      

c. Extrinsic

d. Intrinsic & Extrinsic


Ans: b


18. Providing variety of learning activities to students is a characteristics of a teacher who understands the principle of:


a. Proactive teaching as a modem technique of teaching

b. Facilitating learning with emphasis on individual differences

c. Reward as a potential means of increasing the participation 

d. Allowing the student to be exposed to various teaching techniques


Ans: b


19. All of the following shows respect for individual differences except:


a. Give greater attention to gifted learners

b. Treat all learners alike while the classroom

c. Provide for a variety of learning activities

d. Prepare modules for slow learners in class


Ans: b


20. Students who are disobedient and display negative attitudes towards others are best handled by teacher who will: 


a. Detain him after office hours for him to do what he has been ordered to

b. Avoid giving him orders or if you do and the objects take back the order

c. Take every opportunity to praise him for every positive attitude displays

d. Insist on compliance to the same degree required of pupils


Ans: c


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