LET: Science Part 5


1.It is an iron sulfide with the chemical formula FeS2 and is considered the most common of the sulfide minerals.

a. pyrite

b. granite

c. bronze

d. quartz

answer: a

2. Any one of a large group of animals such as snails and clams that have a soft body without a backbone and that usually live in a shell.

a. centipede

b. anthropod

c. mollusk

d. crustaceans

answer: c

3. An icicle-shaped formation that hangs from the ceiling of a cave, and is produced by precipitation of minerals from water dripping through the cave ceiling.

a. stalactite

b. stalagmite

c. rock

d. cone

answer: a

4. An upward-growing mount of mineral deposits that have precipitated from water dripping onto the floor of a cave.

a. mineral

b. stalagmite

c. stalactite

d. cone

answer: b

5. In nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry, it is either a nuclear reaction or a radioactive decay process in which the nucleus of an atom splits into smaller parts.

a. nuclear reactor

b. combustion

c. oxidation

d. nuclear fission

answer: d

6. These are parts of cells that turn sugar, fats and proteins that we eat into forms of chemical energy that the body can use to carry on living.

a. mitochondria

b. protozoa

c. nerves

d. ligaments

answer: a

7. In Biology, this is a phenomenon that indicates growth or turning movement of an organism usually a plant, in response to an environment stimulus.

a. growth

b. tropism

c. elongation

d. motility

answer: b

8. What does male plant release which fertilizes ovaries?

a. seed

b. enzyme

c. pollen

d. shoot

answer: c

9. What do you call the process of seeds developing into new plants?

a. elongation

b. growth

c. germination

d. shoot

answer: c

10. Which among the following is not needed by all seeds in order to geminate?

a. water

b. oxygen

c. proper temperature

d. fertilizer

answer: d

11. A process where a single cell divides into two identical daughter cells.

a. fission

b. division

c. mitosis

d. mutation

answer: c

12. These are large Y-shaped proteins used by the immune system to identify and neutralize foreign objects like bacteria and viruses.

a. antibodies

b. hormones

c. enzymes

d. antigens

answer: a

13. These are multicellular organisms and rely on breaking down organic material because they are not capable of making their own food.

a. protozoans

b. fungi

c. plants

d. worms

answer: b

14. Clouds are differentiated by _____________.

a. altitude and by shape

b. thickness or thinness

c. color

d. lightness or darkness

answer: a

15. The following are characteristics of living things.

a. ability to reproduce and grow

b. ability to metabolize and respire

c. ability to adapt to the environment and to move

d. all of the above

answer: d

16. The science of color is sometimes called _______________.

a. chromatics

b. colorimetry

c. color science

d. all of the above

answer: d

17. Materials that do no transmit of reflect light or radiant energy and are impenetrable to sight.

a. opaque

b. transparent

c. translucent

d. glass

answer: a

18. A sedimentary material consisting of very fine particles intermediate in size between sand and clay.

a. mud

b. soil

c. silt

d. lava

answer: c

19. It is an ecological or environmental area that is inhabited by a particular species of animal, plant or other type of organism.

a. habitat

b. base

c. grassland

d. forest

answer: a

20. An excellent electrical insulator which has the highest breakdown electric field of any known material.

a. rocks

b. diamond

c. graphite

d. carbon

answer: b


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