LET: TLE Part 7

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 6 of TLE. In preparation for the LET Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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TLE Part 7

1. Which of the following uses is permitted by the code to be used for surface non-metallic raceway?

a. Dry location

b. Where concealed

c. Where subject to physical damage

d. Where voltage is over 300v

Answer: a

2. Service entrance using copper conductors shall be sufficient capacity and shall not be small than ______.

a. 5.5 mm

b. 3.5 mm

c. 14 mm

d. 8.0 mm

Answer: d

3. If two identical lamps give normal light when connected in parallel in 230v line are reconnected in series in the same, the bulb will ______.

a. give more light

b. not light

c. give less light

d. blows out

Answer: c

4. When flexible metal conduit is installed as a fixed raceway, it shall be secured within ______ on each side of every outlet box.

a. 250mm

b. 200mm

c. 100mm

d. 150mm

Answer: b

5. A short circuit can be detected by using ______.

a. an ohmmeter

b. a meggar

c. an oscillscope

d. an ammeter

Answer: a

6. The electrical plants for residential house include the following item EXCEPT one. Which one is this?

a. substation plan

b. location plan

c. floor plan showing for location service

d. Layout of wiring plan for general lightning and receptacles outlets

Answer: a

7. If installed in raceway conductors of size _____ and larger shall be stranded.

a. 5.5mm

b. 8.0mm

c. 14mm

d. 3.5mm

Answer: b

8. At least _____ of free conductor shall be left each outlet, junction and switch for splices or connection of fixtures o devices.

a. 250mm

b. 175mm

c. 150mm

d. 300mm

Answer: c

9. A certain residential house has lightning load of 1,1 kVA and a appliance load of 10a at 220v single phase two wires 60hz. The branch circuit fuse protection for lightning and appliances loads are ______ and ______ respectively.

a. 20A and 60A

b. 20 and 30

c. 15A and 30A

d. 15A and 20A

Answer: d

10. Live vegetation or trees _____ used for support of overhead conductors spans.

a. shall be

b. should be

c. shall not be

d. should not be

Answer: c

11. Light fixtures suspended from the ceiling by chains should wire so that the wires ______.

a. will be grounded

b. will not touch the chains

c. will support the fixture

d. will not support fixture

Answer: d

12. In rigid metal conduit wiring conduit of 15-20mm diameter shall be supported at least every ______.

a. 2 500mm

b. 3 500mm

c. 1 800mm

d. 3 000mm

Answer: d

13. Why do conductors need additional wiring insulators?

a. electrical wiring needs to be protected from mechanical harm

b. wire are connected by joints therefore needs reinsulations

c. wire touches wood surface therefore need protection

d. Wire skin is weal

Answer: a

14. What is the total number of mechanical degrees that electrical pipe run maybe bent pull points?

a. 360 degrees

b. 180 degrees

c. 120 degrees

d. 270 degrees

Answer: a

15. Rigid non-metallic conduit shall be supported within ______ of each box cabinet or other termination.

a. 600mm

b. 800mm

c. 900mm

d. 760mm

Answer: c

16. Electrical metallic tubing smaller than ______ trade size shall NOT be used.

a. 12mm

b. 10mm

c. 15mm

d. 20mm

Answer: c

17. Type AC cable shall be secured by approved staples, straps, hanger or similar fitting at intervals NOT exceeding ______.

a. 1 250mm

b. 1 300mm

c. 1 500mm

d. 1 000mm

Answer: b

18. In concealed knob and tube wiring the clearance to be maintained between conductors is ______.

a. 65mm

b. 45mm

c. 76mm

d. 50mm

Answer: c

19. Three bulbs are connected in parallel and controlled by a sing switch. If one of the 3 bulbs is busted, what will happen to the remaining bulbs.

a. Will not lit

b. Its brightness is reduced

c. Its brightness increases

d. Its brightness is maintained

Answer: d

20. Which is a synchronous alternating current machine that changes mechanical power into electrical power?

a dynamo

b. motor

c. alternator

d. lathe machine

Answer: c

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