Best Study Tips: Ultimate Guide to Ace 2024 Board Exams

Board exams best preparatory study tips: Ultimate guide to ace your board exams

When preparing for any exams, you always need to have study tips or techniques with you. This is your best weapon in order not to cram on the day of the exam. Here are the reasons why you need these study tips the most in any exams you will go through:

  • These study tips will help you go over your review in a smooth manner. You won’t need to skip and scan whatever topics you will study for a day. Board exam study tips will allow your head to have clear and concise goal. 
  • Board exam study tips will give you a clear ray of light and confidence that you will pass the exam. These tips are helpful to clear your mind with any worries in preparation for the day of the exam.
  • These study tips will always make you one step ahead from everybody else who don’t practice it on their own phase. Even though you enroll yourself in a review center, still you need to have your own study tips. In this way you are sure where to go and what topics you didn’t miss.

What Are the Best Study Tips You Need for the Board Exam?

After knowing the reasons why you need the study tips to ace your board exam, we will now give you the best of it. Here are the best study tips you will need for your board exam:

1. Give yourself ample time to prepare everything.

Three months before the examination, you need to work out and have a good plan for your review or study.

2. Train yourself to relax and clear your brain when you study.

This is a very effective study tip that will allow you to digest the topics very well.

3. Don’t procrastinate.

Procrastination is the act of delaying something. Most of the times, this is your enemy when you study. Delaying the time of your study due to some unnecessary reasons may hinder you to achieve your goal. Example of this is using your gadget and get tempted to scroll through Fb. This will delay the course of your study. Remember, time is gold and will never return. Don’t waste it. This is one of the study tips which is very effective.

4. Make a time schedule for all the subjects so you will have a guide on what subject to study in a certain day.

You also need to divide the time depending in the difficulty level of the subject. If you think you are good in a certain subject then give it at least 25 minutes day. Then if you think you need more time on a certain subject then give it at least 40 minutes. Of course, do not forget to take break times of at least 5 minutes before each subject to clear your brain.

5. One of the very effective study tips is to organize your things before starting to study.

Prepare with you extra notebook, several ballpens, calculator, highlighters, etc. to aid you.

6. Use the practice papers given by your review center.

Practice shading and answering the mock exams. This will help you very much during the real exam.

7. Do not multitask.

Study tips are there for you so you can make use the most of it hence you can only do one thing at one pace. Multitasking will divert your attention to other things resulting to failure.

8. Do your routine every day and train your brain and body to cooperate.

You will notice changes in your study behaviors by doing so. 

9. Eat, hydrate, exercise and sleep very well.

Your body needs this to digest everything so go for it. 

10. Meditate and pray.

These study tips will be nothing without prayer and conversation with God. The rest will be alright if you do this. 

Study Tips for Multiple Choice Exam

For the Multiple-Choice Exam, you need to practice some tricks in order to win it. Since your board exam will always be in a Multiple Choice, hence you need these

1. Read each instruction very well.

Failure to so this will lead you to fail the exam. Instructions are very important so you need to read them twice or even thrice. Don’t get excited in answering the questions. Read the instructions very well and this is a MUST.

2. You have to be very careful in reading each question.

There are questions out there that are tricky. Remember that board exams will always give you the simplest questions. Sometimes, you take these questions for granted because it is easy and most of the time it will come out. Trust me on this. I experienced this one.

3. Look for the very best answer.

Sometimes all answers are quite similar so you need to choose the best correct answer. 

4. Don’t take too long in answering one question.

If you don’t know the answer, jump to the next question. You have a limited time for this. Make sure to go back to the unanswered questions later on.

5. Do not leave any number unshaded.

After you finish answering all questions, go back to the unanswered ones and choose your answer. Even if you are not sure of the answer, shade it. 

6. Review all your answers then leave it all to God for the rest.

You have done your part and you know in yourself that you did the best you can.


These study tips will always be helpful for you all the way through your journey in taking your exam. These are tips and techniques only; the real deal is still within your reach. If you want to pass the board exam but then you don’t have any means to do it, failure is on the way. Remember that you need to make both ends meet so that these study tips will be of help to you.

Prepare yourself for the battle with these study tips ahead and make sure to ace your board exams. Above all, the mightiest preparation you have is prayer. Trust and believe in yourself because it is only you who can fight the battle ahead. – prcboardreviewersph