The Civil Service Exam (CSE), also known as the Career Service Examination is administered by the Civil Service Commission (CSC). This exam is conducted twice a year to test whether an applicant is eligible to work in the government.

Civil Service Exam Reviewer
Civil Service Exam Reviewer

The civil service exam will require months of preparation, from gathering all the necessary requirements for filing a civil service exam to reviewing.

Civil Service Exam Reviewer
Civil Service Exam Reviewer

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Civil Service Exam Reviewer 2023

General Information

Coverage: ( Philippine Constitution, Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees (R.A. 6713), Peace and Human Rights Issues and Concepts, and Environment Management and Protection.)

Here are the download links for General Information  Civil Service Exam Reviewers with Answer Keys

Civil Service Exam ReviewersTypeLinks
General Information Part 1PDFDownload
General Information Part 2PDFDownload
General Information Part 3PDFDownload
General Information Part 4PDFDownload
General Information Part 5PDFDownload
General Information Part 6PDFDownload
General Information Part 7PDFDownload
General Information Part 8PDFDownload
General Information Part 9PDFDownload
General Information Part 10PDFDownload
General Information Part 11PDFDownload
General Information Part 12PDFDownload
General Information Part 13PDFDownload
General Information Part 14PDFDownload
General Information Part 15PDFDownload
General Information Part 16PDFDownload
General Information Part 17PDFDownload
General Information Part 18PDFDownload
General Information Part 19PDFDownload
General Information Part 20PDFDownload
General Information Part 21PDFDownload
General Information Part 22PDFDownload
General Information Part 23PDFDownload
General Information Part 24PDFDownload
General Information Part 25PDFDownload
General Information Part 26PDFDownload
General Information Part 27PDFDownload
General Information Part 28PDFDownload
General Information Part 29PDFDownload
General Information Part 30PDFDownload

Numerical Ability

Coverage: ( Basic Operations, Word Problems, Number Series and Sequence)

Here are the download links for Numerical Ability Civil Service Exam Reviewers with Answer Keys

Civil Service Exam ReviewersTypeLinks
Numerical Ability Part 1PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 2PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 3PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 4PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 5PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 6PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 7PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 8PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 9PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 10PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 11PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 12PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 13PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 14PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 15PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 16PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 17PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 18PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 19PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 20PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 21PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 22PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 23PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 24PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 25PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 26PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 27PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 28PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 29PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 30PDFDownload

Analytical Ability (Professional Level Only)

Coverage: ( Word association – Single word and paired-analogy approach,  Identifying assumptions and conclusion, Logic, Data interpretation)

Here are the download links for Analytical Ability Civil Service Exam Reviewers with Answer Keys

Civil Service Exam ReviewersTypeLinks
Analytical Ability Part 1PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 2PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 3PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 4PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 5PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 6PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 7PDFDownload
Numerical Ability Part 8PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 9PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 10PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 11PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 12PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 13PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 14PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 15PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 16PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 17PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 18PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 19PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 20PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 21PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 22PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 23PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 24PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 25PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 26PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 27PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 28PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 29PDFDownload
Analytical Ability Part 30PDFDownload

Verbal Ability

Coverage: ( Grammar and Correct Usage, Vocabulary, Paragraph Organization, Reading comprehension)

Here are the download links for Verbal Ability Civil Service Exam Reviewers with Answer Keys

Civil Service Exam ReviewersTypeLinks
Verbal Ability Part 1PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 2PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 3PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 4PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 5PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 6PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 7PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 8PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 9PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 10PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 11PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 12PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 13PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 14PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 15PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 16PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 17PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 18PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 19PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 20PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 21PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 22PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 23PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 24PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 25PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 26PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 27PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 28PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 29PDFDownload
Verbal Ability Part 30PDFDownload

Clerical Ability (Sub-Professional Level Only)

Coverage: ( Filing/Clerical Operations/Alphabetizing, Spelling)

Here are the download links for Clerical Ability Civil Service Exam Reviewers with Answer Keys

Civil Service Exam ReviewersTypeLinks
Clerical Ability Part 1PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 2PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 3PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 4PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 5PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 6PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 7PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 8PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 9PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 10PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 11PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 12PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 13PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 14PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 15PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 16PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 17PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 18PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 19PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 20PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 21PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 22PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 23PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 24PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 25PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 26PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 27PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 28PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 29PDFDownload
Clerical Ability Part 30PDFDownload