LET: Values Education Part 2

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 2 of Values Education. In preparation for the LET Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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Values Education Part 2

1. Which strategy/ technique can bring awareness of what we think, feel, do and also gives an opportunity to get in touch with oneself?

a. Affirmation

b. Disclosure

c. Introspection

d. Centering

Answer: c

2. It is designed to solved the social ills of society through personal transformation and also renewal and no strengthen the moral fiber of the Filipino people:

a. Sustainable development

b. Moral recovery program

c. People empowerment

d. Economic development foundation

Answer: d

3. Parent who implement harsh not accompanied by reasoning teach children to be:

a. Insightful about their own behavior

b. Moral recovery program

c. People empowerment

d. Economic development foundation

Answer: a

4. Teaching values in the classroom means that the teacher works on lesson objectives in the _______ domain:

I. Affective

II. Cognitive

III. Psychomotor

a. I, II and III

b. I only

c. I and II

d. I and III

Answer: c

5. Excessive money borrowing, malicious gossips and other unworthy practices are actualizations which could directly affect the teacher’s credibility with what group?

a. Community

b. Parents

c. School Officials

d. Students

Answer: b

6. What is best for frustrated teacher to do evaluate his beliefs and values?

a. Self-disclosure

b. Affirmation

c. Introspection

d. Feedback

Answer: c

7. Which of the following is an indication of a moral person?

She/he ______:

a. is killed to act on his/ her own decisions

b. is gifted with emotion to judge which is good and bad

c. sticks to his personal conviction without listening to other

d. is endowed with the faculty to choose to be good and to love

Answer: a

8. A boy is an attention seeker and always does what pleases his parents. What level of morality?

a. Pre-conventional

b. Universal ethical

c. Conventional

d. Post conventional

Answer: c

9. To facilitate testing and measurement which provide data for evaluation, objectives in values development are translated into behavior that are:

a. Cognitive and behavioral

b. Reliable and time bound

c. Measurable, observable or describable

d. Specific, measurable and attainable

Answer: a

10. The “Politics of Service” and the Moral Recovery Program core values are congruent because:

a. They manifest processes of democratization and decentralization and decentralization

b. They affirm the commitment in the Philippine society

c. They are designed to draw personal transformation and renewal

d. The reinforce the response and contribution of outstanding leaders

Answer: b

11. “Maka-Diyos, Maka-Bayan, Maka-Tao are four pillars of:

a. The politics service

b. The principle of subsidiary

c. The Kabisig Peoples’ Movement

d. Public service as a public trust

 Answer: a

12. The feudal structure of the Filipino social environment where there are great gaps between the rich and the poor majority develops:

a. Feeling of inferiority

b. Low tolerance

c. Strong family orientation

d. Passivity and dependence

Answer: b

13.The DepEd Values Education framework is called:

a. Prescriptive and can be imposed

b. The subject of education, to learn and be taught

c. The object of education, the center of the curriculum

d. Grounded on the rational understanding of the Filipino

Answer: b

14. One of the following does not belong to the spiritual faculties of man:

a. Conscience

b. Will

c. Intellect

d. Passion

Answer: b

15, Which of the following is/ are considered the effective child-rearing practice/s?

I. Totally accept the child for what she/he is

II. Depend strongly the child’s conviction

IIII. Reinforcement good behavior by reward

IV. Spend time with the child.

a. I and IV

b. IV only

c. I only

d. I, II and III

Answer: a

16. Which of the following value integration approaches is done when the teachers is asked to add an any activity to the lessons plan that a particular values is touched?

a. Unnatural integration

b. Natural integration

c. Vertical integration

d. Eclectic integration

Answer: a

17. Which of the following situation could the true essence of nationalism be reinforced among the learners using inculturation approach?

a. Mobilizing the learning to join rallies of national concerns

b. Promoting the use of locally made product to help the Philippine economy

c. Providing moral dilemma situation on the issue of going abroad as the OFW’s

d. Telling the students to speak in Filipino at all times regardless of the situation

Answer: b

18. What of the following is violated by entertainment programs as a vehicle for moral recovery?

a. Design films that have social relevance

b. Making films that upholds social values

c. Producing films that exhibit human exploitation

d. Encouraging the educated and trained to be involved in movies industry

Answer: c

19. What is amplified by this statement: “Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, had made a great contribution by introducing the computer in all business, industries a schools”?

a. Non material change

b. Technological change

c. Social change

d. Cultural change

Answer: b

20. Values formation begins with reality though the external sense, these images of reality sense, these images of reality are personal through ______.

a. Careful planning for a training of the child

b. Education of the child through his/her environment

c. Recognition of the weakness and strength of the child

d. The knowing faculties of internal senses and intellectual of the child.

Answer: d