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3 Powerful Prayers for Board Exam Success: Before, During, and After the Exam

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Perhaps one of the most brutal battles a person has to face is seeking professional licenses. Most exam takers feel the need to have divine guidance throughout this tense moment and use prayer before the exam to get a clear mind.

Pre-Examination Prayer

Before the Examination – Test of Crucial Prayer

Well, you must take a few moments before facing the examination room. Pre-exam prayer will soothe your mind, fill your body with energy, and your spirit with inspiration so that you can give your best performance.

“O merciful father, I beseech thee that my mind might rest, my body be energized, and my spirit be inspired to write back to my examination. Give me peace and assurance that I may do the best that I can, whatever that would turn out to be. Be with me today and guide me. Let me set a good example for my fellow exam-takers. Give me faith and confidence, regardless of how this will work out. May I be honest and wise and able to give a true record of what I have learned. In the end, may disappointment be born with grace, joy, with humility. I write this exam with Thee, O Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Prayer Throughout the Exam

Stay Focused with a Pray Through the Exam – Praying for Examination Success

When inside the examination room, you need to be focused on this prayer for success in the examination. It will help clear your mind and not get bogged down when trying to answer some of the more complex questions so that you can do your best.

“Oh Lord my God, hear my prayer today. Whether I have an exam or not, incline my ear to Thy words and open my eyes to Thy presence. Direct my energy to the accomplishment of Thy will for me. Allow my spirit to detect the direction in which best be Thy disciple. Today, I find myself immersed in words, sentences, symbols, and equations. Whatever language my subject uses, may Your Holy Spirit clear my mind and guide me. May my desk be an altar where I may lay down my life through my efforts. I dedicate it all to Thee by quickening my knowledge for Thy will to fulfill. Amen.”

Prayer After the Examination

Reflecting and Giving Thanks: Prayer After the Examination – Prayer to Pass the Exam

After completing your exam, it is essential to reflect upon such an experience and be grateful. This prayer for examination success gives you faith in the outcome, recognizing that you have done your best and seeking peace regardless of the results.

“Lord God, I thank You for the gift of knowledge You gave to me during the examination. Thank you so much for giving me the courage to answer everything despite the time limit. I am very confident that You will still help me pass the exam with Your mercy, oh Lord. Whatever the result, I will accept it with open arms and offer everything for your glory, Lord. Above all, Heavenly Father, thank you for always being with me. Your grace is sufficient, and I am positive for whatever life may give me ahead after this. Amen.”


Whether you seek calm before the test, guidance during, or peace after, these prayers will have every stage of your board examination covered. Remember, with prayer added to the preparation, success can be achieved, and thus comes a high sense of peace during the examination process.

After you pass the board exam, you can return here to share your experiences on how this prayer has helped you during the exam.

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