10 things to do to focus on your Board Exam Review

10 things to do to focus on your Board Exam Review

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10 things to do to focus on your Board Exam Review

Board exam preparation is never easy and it is tiresome. Aside from the strenuous document filing, you also have to think ahead of the review that comes its way. Most of the time you will be nervous.

Some students find it hard to reach their main goal while some manage to do it. It’s a matter of time management and dedication as well.

Feeling nervous is natural, but you have to make sure you to focus on your board exam review to get to your goal. So, here are the top 10 things you should do to focus on your review. You don’t want to fail your board exam, and you don’t want to retake it so do this.

1. Believe in Hard-work

If you want to pass the board exam, you have to triple your hard-work in your review. It means to boost the time you spend for the board exam review more than the times you spend for your study during college. Do not think that being a hard worker is inborn because if you do, then you will tend to bend your control. Think that you are not born a hard-worker so you better become one.

2. Do not assume

Do not assume ahead, If you do, then a lot of possibilities will arise including the possibility to fail. Review like you never had it before. Be a positive thinker but do not compromise the facts that there is only a limited time for your review.

3. Think that knowledge is actual facts

Do not play a weak learner. Instead, think that your review is factual based. You have to correlate your ideas into the real scenario so that you will always have a clue. You have to understand that knowledge is not based on books but rather it is true to life. If you always do this, you can always relate instances to reality.

4. Do not multi-task

You can multi-task in life but in your review, don’t ever do this. If you believe you can save two masters at the same time, then you are still holding into a myth. Multi-tasking is only applicable in other things other than review. If you want to reach your target, focus only on your review and nothing else.

5. Rely in yourself

Most of the exam takers believe that notes, books and other references can do the task. Well, those are only your helpers to achieve it but they will not make you pass it if don’t believe and rely in your own self. Your reviewers are there to guide and prepare you for the exam, but it is your own self who will do the rest. Your only best friend here is yourself alone.

6. Sleep 8-10 hours daily and take care of your general health

A tired body means a tired mind. If your body is weak, then you can’t focus on the review that lasts for hours. To do this, make sure you are healthy and always energized. Physical, mental and emotional health go with each other and work side by side for you. Sleeping pattern may affect the result of your board exam review so make sure you sleep the same time every day.

7. Avoid disturbance

You should find place that is free from any noise and disturbance. You need to dedicate your mind on the review and you can do it if the place is conducive for studying.

8. Cut the use of too much gadget

Read, analyze, focus and answer your review with assurance that you can do it on your own. Avoid using too much gadget or cut the use of it even only for how many months. Gadgets may hamper your review focus and it can only stress you out.

9. Mock exams are good for you

Answer your mock exams like it is your true and final one. By doing this, you will prepare your physical, mental and emotional self ahead. There is no better preparation but to prepare your whole being.

10. Pray and be thankful

Do not forget to be thankful to God and pray that He will give you strength and wisdom to do fulfill your dreams. This is a proven and tested method that each exam taker adds to their pockets while on the verge of taking an exam.


With these mentioned things, you will have the courage to do everything. Review is only a part of your success. Be trained and discipline yourself to achieve your goal. – MCHQ | PRC BOARD REVIEWERS PH


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