LET: MAPEH Part 19

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 19 of MAPEH. In preparation for the LET Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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MAPEH Part 19

1. When a Player commits a flagrant foul, the referee’s decision is to ______.

a. award a pint to the opposing team

b. call the attention of the coach

c. eject the player from the game

d. continue game

Answer: c

2. In 2003, NBA made a new rule as regards the stay of players inside the painted area. Who should get out of the painted area every three seconds?

a. Offensive players

b. Defensive players

c. Both offensive and defensive players

d. The player hold the ball

Answer: a

3. You are in the second base with two outs. The batter hots the ball into air. What should you do?

a. Stay of your base

b. Run as soon as the batter hits the ball

c. Go back you base.

d. Wait and see of the ball is caught is before advancing the next base.

Answer: d

4. What should a defensive do when there is a force out at the second base?

a. Tag the runner

b. Tag the second base

c. Neither is correct

d. Tag the runner and tag the second base

Answer: a

5. Which is the art of passing the ball fairly high and close to the net so that the spiker can spring into the air and smash it into opponent’s court?

a. Overhead Volley

b. Spiking

c. Setting

d. Tossing

Answer: c

6. When the serving team fail to serve the ball legally into the opponent’s court or return the ball into the opponent’s court, the referee gives the decision. Which is referred to?

a. A side-out win no point awarded is called

b. A score of one point is given

c. A fault is declared

d. A time out is declared

Answer: c

7. A team is declared a winner of a set or game in volleyball, when the team is first to score _____.

a. 25 points

b. 15 points with an advantage of one point

c. 15 points with an advantage of one point

d. 19 points with an advantage of one point

Answer: a

8. The objective of the volleyball game is to ______.

a. serve the ball legally into the opponent’s court

b. send the ball over the net to the ground of the opponent’s court.

c. the team to reach least 15 points or more

d. make the ball remain in play without touching the ground

Answer: b

9. In volleyball game, when two teammates contact the ball simultaneously, it is considered two contacts for their team EXCEPT during ______.

a. blocking

b. spiking

c. dribbling

d. serving

Answer: a

10. In basketball, if players is fouled out while shooting for a goal and misses the shot, what is the penalty?

a. The ball is awarded to the offensive player

b. One penalty shot

c. Two penalty shot

d. Three penalty shot

Answer: b

11. In basketball, which one of the following is NOT allowed?

a. A player, while still dribbling, puts two hands on the ball at the same time.

b. A player receives the ball, fake pass, then dribbles forward.

c. A player dribbles with the right hand, then with the left.

d. A player moves forward dribbling, comes to halt, continues dribbling, then moves dribbling.

Answer: a

12. The following are the team composition of football game, except one. Which one is it?

a. Goal keeper

b. Right fullback

c. Forwards

d. Right Fielder

Answer: d

13. In basketball, after a field scored, the ball is put back to play by throwing it back from the ______.

a. sideline

b. centering

c. endline

d. corner

Answer: b

14. Which is continuous tapping of the ball with your hands or palm towards the floor with full control and follow though?

a. Passing

b. Dribbling

c. Spiking

d. Stoping

Answer: b

15. Which foul is committed by a player which involves contact with an opponents?

a. Personal Foul

b. International Foul

c. Double Foul

d. Technical Foul

Answer: a

16. In basketball game, how long can a player be on his opponent’s restricted area when his team has a possession of ball without being penalized?

a. Three Seconds

b. Five Seconds

c. Thirty Seconds

d. Ten Seconds

Answer: a

17. Which of the following is against the rules?

a. A player bounces ball to another player.

b. A player takes the ball from the hands of opposing player.

c. A player dribbling towards goal knocks over an opponents who has is in path.

d. A player rolls the ball along the ground.

Answer: c

18. How many is steps is player permitted to take between bounces in a dribble?

a. Two

b. As many as s/he wish

c. One

d. Five

Answer:  c

19. When a penalty shot is taken, when are the players to move into the restraining area?

a. Whenever they like

b. When the thrower has been given the ball

c. When the ball leaves the thrower’s hand

d. When the thrower hots the backboard or basket

Answer: c

20. The space over the home plate, between then batter’s armpits and the tip of his knees is called ______.

a. strike zone

b. penalty zone

c. foul zone

d. foul ball

Answer: a

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