Top 5 big mistakes when learning during board exam reviews

Top 5 big mistakes when learning during board exam reviews

Do you know that there are big mistakes when learning during board exam reviews that you already did? You have been preparing yourself for this big event in your life and you do everything for the board exam review. You are nervous but it is natural to all who will do the same.

Now, you need to avoid these big mistakes when learning during board exam reviews to make sure you can pass. After all, failing the exam means you have to retake it and you don’t want that to happen.

Many exam takers do these misconceptions fail to achieve effective preparation. Here are the top 5 big mistakes when learning during board exam reviews you should be aware of:

1.Thinking that multi-tasking is easy and can help you in everything

You can actually focus on one or more tasks at a time. It is natural and is a reality of life but thinking that you can do more than one thing at a time is bad. It will result to failure I tell you. If you want to succeed in your board exam, don’t get fooled by multi-tasking. Stay focused and make sure your brain only focuses on your review only. If it means you have to ditch housework for your review then do it. Most parents want their children to succeed so it means they won’t let you work hard in the house chores. 

2. Believing that you are good in a subject matter thus failure to do the hard work

Sometimes you are confident enough that you are good in English so you skip the work. Being strong in certain topics or subjects make cause you to chill and skip it. Remember the story of the turtle and the hare? It is simple logic. Hard work in all subjects counts. Think that all subjects are difficult so you need to study them all.

3. Don’t assume that learning is fast and easy

Always remember that you have limited time to do all the review. There are things which you still need to learn during the review. Always think that there is no easy way for success. You need to understand your material well during review. Don’t assume that learning is fast for you. Spend time on your review material again and again and understand it. That is the key to pass the exam. 

4. Relying too much on the review instructors 

You should avoid this at all cost. Remember that your instructors are there only to guide you. They are present to prepare you for the exam since they have been in that situation before. Yet, it doesn’t mean they will give you the assurance that you can pass. It is still up to you on how you will handle yourself and how you digest what they taught you during the review.

5. Not testing the material on your own

It is the literal form of “learning by doing” of John Dewey. You need to test the material to be able to learn things. Studies show that you will recall 50% more of leaned information with this. It means you have to indulge in the sample review materials and try them yourself. It is more effective rather than only studying the information. 

Many people have a poor understanding about what leads to success in learning. You can avoid these big mistakes when learning during board exam reviews. – MCHQ | Prcboardreviewersph

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