Top 5 risky behaviors to avoid during board exam reviews

Top 5 risky behaviors to avoid during board exam reviews

What are these risky behaviors to avoid during board exam reviews? Do we need to get worried if we can’t tame these behaviors?

Exam takers should be aware of the risky behaviors to avoid during board exam reviews if they want to pass. This is the only key they have to be ready for what is coming next.

Here are the top 5 risky behaviors to avoid during board exam reviews:

1. Being lazy and chill during review

Some exam takers do not get serious in the few months of their review. Some of them gets lazy and bored that they skip review most of the time. They only find time to study if they feel like it. It is not how board exam goes anyway. If you want to pass, then make sure you can dedicate most of your time on the review. There is no room for laziness during these crucial moments. It’s more of “be serious and you will reap the fruit of your labor” thing. 

2. Being too much confident

Confidence is what kills the moment sometimes. As an exam taker, you need to balance your confidence. You still should look into the points that shake you the most. At least do not be too much confident of the exam to be easy. 

3. Avoiding the most difficult topics

Some exam takers avoid the most difficult topics during review because they don’t like it. This is so wrong. During board exams there is a big probability that those difficult topics will come out. You should always be ready for it. 

4. Disregarding the most easy topics

Another trick during board exam is that they will include those every easy questions. Most exam takers don’t give any value for these topics during review. The best term here is to be “read” for what will come next.

5. Not going to a review center for a proper dry run

Some exam takers never go to review centers for personal reasons. Now, you have to make time to enroll in a review center to better have the idea of what is going to happen. Dry runs will always be present during review so exam takers can practice how it feels like to be in the exam room. Review centers will also provide you with the materials needed in the dry run or run through. It is risky enough to study on your own.

These risky behaviors to avoid during board exam reviews are the culprit for failure. It is so funny how these things are very common yet very vital as well. So, if you are an exam taker reading this, consider the following and have it a goal to pass the exam. Good luck! – MCHQ | Prcboardreviewersph

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