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Tips on passing the board exam even if simultaneously combining work and self-review

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Tips on passing the board exam

To be a certified licensed professional, one will take a board exam. In order to pass the exam, one should undergo a thorough review so they enrolled in review center. Unfortunately, not all graduates can afford the expenses in a review center. Most of them opt to another solution which is self-review. Sometimes, self-review and work go together to support the finances.

It is very obvious that self-review and work in a simultaneous manner are very exhausting. Though it is tough, others don’t have a choice.

Here are some tips for you to pass your board exam even if you self-review and work all at once.

1. Be healthy enough

Working while having self-review is a tiring process. You need to make yourself healthy to do this. Not all people can do this except for those don’t have a choice.

2. Make a schedule to manage your time for work and your time for review

Manage your time for work and for your review and of course for a break time. You have to make a patterned schedule to follow your routine. You need to double your focus when you do review and work altogether. Remember, this is not an easy task and your body is also affected so balance everything.

3. Make sure you have time for proper sleep

There is no room for sleep deprivation here. You have to make sure you sleep 7-10 hours every day to have energy for the next day.

4. Start your review 5 months before the exam

Since this is a very difficult task to take, you need to start your self-review 5 months or more before the exam date. This is to make sure you have covered the entire subject needed for the exam. You also need ample time to gather from your friends the needed materials they also use. Determination and persistence are the the main key to do this.

5. Ask your family members to exclude you from household chores for the meantime

Ask help from family members. You can exclude yourself from he basis household chores so you can focus more aside from your work. Remember that you are working so you better not drain your brain from the stress of work.

6. Bring small notes in your work to glance into during break time

Small notes will help you remember details event though you are in your office or work field.

7. No offer time. Go home immediately after work.

Don’t be a saint. Stop offering your time for your work. You need to give time to your self-review still. Have pity on your body. Do not overwork it.

8. Avail your leave of absence credits

If your company offers leave credits then take the chance to use it so you can have days to focus only for review.

9. Make sure to take supplements and hydrate yourself

Vitamins and food supplements are important and make sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body fit.

10. Take a leave of absence from work if necessary to relax yourself before the exam

Avail a leave of absence days before your final exam to prepare everything. You need to prepare your mind and body if you want to pass the exam.


Those tips will be of great help if you are healthy enough. Only a strong person can do two things at the same time as long as there is proper planning. Believe in yourself that you can do it. Pray and ask for guidance. Taking a board exam is not as easy as you think. Good luck exam takers and aim high!


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