CSE: Analytical Ability Part 2

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 2 of Analytical Ability. In preparation for the Civil Service Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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Analytical Ability Part 2

1. Subscribing to Cable TV is luxury. All luxuries are needles expenditures. Having a cellular phones is not luxury. Dining in a five-star is a needless expenditure.

a. Having a cellular phone is not a needless expenditure.

b. Subscribing to Cable TV is not a needless expenditure.

c. Subscribing to Cable TV is a needless expenditure.

d. Dining in a five-star hotel is not a luxury.

e. Dining in a five-star hotel is a luxury.

Answer: c

2. If you pay your taxes, then more roads are built. If more are built, then all farmers will ne self-reliant.

a. Roads are built for the farmers.

b. If you pay your taxes, then more farmers will be self-reliant.

c. If Mang Nardo is a farmer, then he is self-reliant.

d. If more farmers are self-reliant, then you pay your taxes.

e. If taxes collected are below target, then infrastructure project, then infrastructure projects will be lesser.

Answer: b

3. If all fruit-bearing plants are flowering plants, and all flowering plants attract insects.

a. Some fruit-bearing plants do not attract insects.

b. All flowering plants are fruit-bearing.

c. Some flowering plants are fruit-bearing.

d. If a plant attract insect, then it is fruit beating.

e. All fruit-bearing plants attract insects.

Answer: e

4. Claudia will go to the party if her mother will permit her. Tony will go to the party of Claudia will go to the party. Claudia is permitted by her mother to go to the party.

a. Tony will go to the party if Claudia’s mother will not permit him to accompany Claudio to the party.

b. Tony will go to the party.

c. Claudia will not go to the party.

d. Claudia will go to the party if Tony will go to the party.

e. All of the above.

Answer: b

5. All detectives are scientific persons. All inventors are creative persons. Francis is a scientific person. Christian is not a creative person.

a. Francis is not a detective.

b. Francis is a detective.

c. Christian is not a inventor.

d. Christian is an inventor

e. Christian is also a scientific person

Answer: c

6. An old lady asked a trusted locksmith to install special locks at the doors of her house before she left for a three-day visit to her daughter next town. The locksmith did a good job of bolting front door which could be opened from inside. When the old lady came back, the locksmith helped her carefully to unlock the front door and open all the windows.

a. The front door could not be opened from outside.

b. The locksmith need not put special locks at the door.

c. The windows were not all closed when the old lady left.

d. The style of locks at the doors of the house was obsolete.

e. The locksmith lives in another town.

Answer: a

7. From the extensive data gathered in the Philippines for the period 1990-1995 there are indications that some rivers are still relatively clean, particularly in Mindanao.

a. Not all rivers in the Philippines are polluted.

b. The overall quality of all rivers has deteriorated.

c. Rivers in the Philippines are polluted.

d. Rivers in Luzon and Visayas are unsafe for fishery and recreational purposes.

e. Philippine rivers could no longer sustain life.

Answer: a

8. If fishes cannot breed, they will die. Coral reefs are the only breeding places of fishes. All coral reefs will be destroyed by humans twenty years from now.

a. New species of fishes will appear.

b. Coral reefs will form in the deepest sea.

c. Seas and oceans will have higher salt content.

d. Fishers will be very expensive.

e. Fishes will cease to exist.

Answer: d

9. Submitting a good term paper is a necessary condition for passing the course.

a. Myra did not pass the course; hence, she had not submitted a good term paper.

b. Myra had submitted a good term paper, hence  she passed the course.

c. Myra passed the course; hence, she had submitted a good a good term paper.

d. Either Myra does not submit a good term paper or she passed the course.

e. Either Myra submits a good term of she does not pass the course.

Answer: b

10. Some managers are not analytical. All managers are ruthless. Daniel is ruthless.

a. All ruthless people are analytical.

b. Not all analytical managers are ruthless.

c. Some ruthless managers are not analytical.

d. Daniel is analytical but is not a manager.

e. Daniel is a manager but is not analytical

Answer: c

11. Some computer programmers are nearsighted. All nearsighted people are inefficient workers. Veronica is an inefficient worker. Lourdes is a computer programmer.

a. Veronica is nearsighted.

b. Lourdes is an inefficient worker.

c. Some computer programmers are inefficient workers.

d. All computer programmers are inefficient workers.

e. All inefficient workers are nearsighted.

Answer: c

12. All diamonds are elegant. Some pearls are not elegant. The Black Heart is a pearl. The Heart of the Deep is not elegant.

a. The Black Heart is elegant.

b. The Black Heart is not elegant.

c. The Heart of the Deep is a pearl.

d. The Heart of the Deep is not a diamond.

e. Diamonds are more expensive than pearls.

Answer: d

13. All illusions and deceptions are believable. This news report is not believable. This annual report is believable. Some illusions and deceptions are amusing.

a. This annual report is amusing.

b. This annual report is an illusion and deception.

c. The news report is not true.

d. This news report is amusing

e. This news report is not an illusion or a deception.

Answer: c

14. All of my friends believe in marriage. Bea is a new friend. She lives with an officemate in an apartment downtown.

a. Her housemates are most likely a good friend.

b. Bea believes in marriage.

c. Bea is not married yet.

d. She is living-in with her boyfriend.

e. She needs a companion in the city.

Answer: b

15. People need guns for security. Students in the university are protected by the university police while on campus. Jordan is a student in the university.

a. Jordan wants to carry a gun on campus but is is prohibited.

b. Jordan does not need to carry a gun on campus.

c. Jordan needs a gun to protect him.

d. Jordan had a gun but discarded it when he entered the university.

e. Guns cause violence on the campus.

Answer: b

16.  People who love the Philippines believe that their children must be taught everything by using the Filipino language. School administrators mandate that English be the language of instruction for Science and Math.

a. School administrators believe we can learn Science and Math better in English.

b. School administrators do not love the Philippines.

c. School administrators are pressured by parent to teach in English.

d. Children understand Science and Math better in English

e. Children do not love the Philippines.

Answer: b

17. Food rich in fat are rich in cholesterol. Some types of cholesterol are bad for the heart. Chicken skin is rich in fat.

a. Food rich in cholesterols are rich in fat.

b. Food rich in fat are bad for the heart

c. Chicken skin is not bad for the heart.

d. Chicken skin is bad for the heart.

e.. Chicken skin is rich in cholesterol.

Answer: d

18. Styrofoam releases a chemical that destroys the ozone layer. The container that Alou uses is not harmful to the ozone layer.

a. Alou has found a way to prevent Styrofoam from releasing chemicals into the air.

b. Alou uses containers that are not made of Styrofoam.

c. Alou uses a high-quality Styrofoam as a container.

d. Styrofoam, when used as container, does not release harmful chemicals into the air.

e. Styrofoam can be used in making durable containers.

Answer: b

19. There are fewer juvenile delinquents in communities where the youth participate activity in different socio-civic and religious clubs. Barangay X has a number of youth clubs.

a. Barangay X has fewer juvenile delinquents that other barangays.

b. Parents in Barangay X exert great effort to prevent juvenile delinquency.

c. Municipal Official encourages the organization of youth clubs.

d. Community development workers in Barangay X give training in organizing youth clubs.

Answer: a

20. Cross-country marathon is a popular sports event. Popular sports events are not televised. Triathlon is a popular sports event. Some cross-country marathons are not properly supervised.

a. Triathlon is televised.

b. Triathlon is not televised

c. Triathlon is property supervised.

d. Triathlon is not properly supervised.

Answer: c

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