CSE: Analytical Ability Part 3

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 3 of Analytical Ability. In preparation for the Civil Service Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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Analytical Ability Part 3

1. “If you’re smart, then why aren’t you rich?”

a. To become rich requires intelligence.

b. To become rich is difficult.

c. Only the rich are smart.

d. Only smart are rich.

e. All rich people are smart

Answer: b

2. Classical opera is not for me. I am not the old-fashioned type.

a. I have never listened to classical opera.

b. Old-fashioned types are too limited in their tastes.

c. Classical opera appeals to old-fashioned type.

d. Classical opera is old-fashioned.

e. Classical opera is not stimulating enough.

Answer: c

3. In order to improved our admission process and get better students, we have decided to included an interview of the applicants as an admission criterion.

a. An interview of the applicants will ensure the student’s success in school.

b. An interview of the applicants will draw better students.

c. An interview of the applicants will draw better students.

d. Current admission procedures are greatly inadequate.

e. Current admission criteria need to be updated.

Answer: b

4. Four competing basketball teams play at the town plaza every Saturday from 2 pm to 8 pm. The games are scheduled in such a way that only the winning teams continue to lay until the champion is proclaimed after the final game. Many avid basketball fans stay throughout the four games.

a. The winning team could not have continued playing throughout the four games.

b. The four games are not played one after the other.

c. The total number of games is not four.

d. Basketball does not have avid fans.

e. The champion is not proclaimed right away.

Answer: e

5. Narcotics are dangerous since their effects include extensive brain damage.

a. Brain damage is a cause of narcotics.

b. All substance abuse leads to brain damage.

c. Extensive brain damage is a sign of drug abuse.

d. Anything that causes extensive brain damage is dangerous.

e. Narcotics should be banned.

Answer: e

6. Pepe is probably a pianist. He can really stretch his handsome and fingers.

a. Only people with big hands and long fingers can be pianists.

b. Playing the piano helps Pepe stretch his hand and fingers.

c.Stretching helps pianist from better.

d. A long stretch enables pianists to reach more keys on the piano.

e. Pianists can really stretch their hands and fingers.

Answer: e

7. Paeng is a responsible man. He takes good care of his family.

a. Taking good care of the family is the responsibility of men.

b. Responsible people take good care of their families.

c. The family is responsible for taking care of their families.

d. A good family produces responsible people.

e. A responsible person has a good family.

Answer: b

8. Going beyond the speed limit is foolhardy since it puts people’s lives at risk.

a. Foolhardy people should not be allowed to drive.

b. Only the foolhardy put the lives of people at risk.

c. The lives of people are precious.

d. Putting the loves of people at risk is necessary at times.

e. Putting the lives of people at risk is foolhardy.

Answer: a

9. John is not qualified to run for public office. He is an honest person.

a. Running for public office is an easy task,

b. Only dishonest people are qualified to run for public office.

c. The qualifications for running for public office are unreasonable.

d. Unqualified honest persons run for public office.

e. Not enough honest person run for public office.

Answer: d

10. Nuclear power must be forbidden because wastes from nuclear reactors are highly fatal to life and unfriendly to the environment.

a. Nuclear scientists have not exerted enough effort to control and safety dispose of wastes from nuclear reactors.

b. Wastes from nuclear reactors can be disposed of safety and efficiently.

c. Measures taken to control and dispose of wastes from nuclear reactor have been fruitless.

d. Today’s technology cannot effectively reduce the harmful effects of nuclear waste disposal.

e. Anything that has ill-effects on the ecosystem must be prohibited.

Answer: d

11. If Mario seems stronger than Luigi, then Luigi must really be very weak.

a. Mario is weak

b. Mario is strong

c. Both Mario and Luigi completed in a contest of strength.

d. Luigi is pretending to be weak.

e. Luigi considers himself strong.

Answer: d

12. Randy should move to the other TV stations. With his bigotry and lack of taste, he would be assured as a talk-show host.

a. Bigots and this who lack taste have no place in this TV station.

b. Talk-show hosts in the other TV stations are mostly bigots who lack taste.

c. Talk-show hosts are transferees from other TV stations.

d. Randy wishes to leave his present employer and move to the other TV stations.

e. Randy wants to become a talk-show host.

Answer: e

13. The government cannot tax the practice of religion. That would be unconstitutional.

a. It is unconstitutional to encroach the practice of religion.

b. The government cannot do what is unconstitutional.

c. The Constitution supports the practice of religion.

d. The Constitution does not provide for the practice of religion.

e. The government adheres to the separation of powers of the Church and the State.

Answer: a

14. Leticia should not be a part of the volleyball team because she does not even trust her teammates.

a. Leticia’s teammates are not trustworthy.

b. Leticia’s teammates do not have faith in the team

c. Leticia is better than her teammates.

d. Teammates should have faith in each other,

e. The volleyball team needs Leticia even if she has not faith in the team.

Answer: d

15. Only the poor are assisted by the present administration in acquiring basic necessities for living. The present administration helps Mang Tomas acquire basic necessities for living because he is a squatter dweller.

a. Mang Tomas asked help from the present administration.

b. The present administration hates rich people.

c. Squatter dwellers pretend to be poor.

d. Squatter dwellers are considered poor people.

e. Squatter dwellers complete with the poor people for the administration’s attention.

Answer: d

16. Digital effects are not for me. I do not belong to the present generation.

a. The present generation is not realistic.

b. The past generation does not like digital effects.

c. Digital effects do not appeal to the new generation.

d. Digital effects look fake to the future generation.

e. Digital effects appeal to present generation.

Answer: e

17. High levels of education do no guarantee rapid economic growth; but it is probably a necessary condition. A World Bank study show that newly industrialized countries commonly have inflation rates and high education levels.

a. Education is one of determining factors of economic progress.

b. Rapid economic growth bring about low inflation rates.

c. The World Bank is committed to helping countries lower inflation rates and raise education levels.

d. The World Bank is committed to studying how newly industrialized countries gained their status.

e. There are factors other than high levels of education that help bring about rapid economic growth.

Answer: e

18. Joel’s poem are modernistic since they deal with complicated subject matters.

a. Complicated subject matters are intellectually stimulating.

b. Complicated subject matters are suited to modernistic poetry.

c. Modernistic poetry is intellectually pretentious.

d. Modernistic poetry deals with complicated subject matters.

e. Modernistic poetry depicts true to life events.

Answer: d

19. “Wise men learn by other men’s mistakes; fools by their own.” What does this quotation imply?

a. Mistake can never be avoided.

b. Experience is a dear teacher.

c. Fools commit more mistakes than the wise

d. We learn to do by doing.

e. All men make mistakes.

Answer: a

20. Some exceptionally physically-fit men tested in our laboratory were middle-aged type with slight builds. Some of the most unfit men we have ever seen were husky young men with cardiac conditions. The speaker in the paragraph gives proof to the idea that ______.

a. Exercise is necessary.

b. Middle-aged men usually have trouble with physical exercise.

c. Heart trouble is becoming common among young men.

d. Looks are deceitful.

Answer: e