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This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 1 of Analytical Ability. In preparation for the Civil Service Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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Analytical Ability Part 1

1. Iron: metal: : granite:            

a. marble

b. rock

c. sand

d. solid

Answer: b

2. Decibel: sound: : volt:            

a. watts

b. fire

c. electricity

d. lightning

Answer: c

3. Coward: brave: : philanthropist:              

a. selfish

b. kind

c. pessimist

d. optimist

Answer: a

4. Logic: reasoning: : ethics:              

a. character

b. behavior

c. subject

d. traits

Answer: b

5. Antenna: signal: : net:            

a. web

b. catch

c. gross

d. fish

Answer: d

6. Stanza: poem: : act:            

a. movie

b. opera

c. song

d. lyric

Answer: b

7. Astrology: Astronomy: :Alchemy:                  

a. Chemistry

b. Biology

c. Physics

d. Science

Answer: a

8. Census: population: : inventory:                    

a. accounting

b. merchandise

c. cost

d. list

Answer: b

9. Oath: promise: : contract:                    

a. license

b. contact

c. agreement

d. paper

Answer: c

10. Glimmer: Flicker: : murmur:              

a. whisper

b. shout

c. rumor

d. speak

Answer: a

11. Bouquet: flowers: : flock:

a. dogs

b. sheep

c. ship

d. cats

Answer: b

12. Rescind: law:: withdraw:              

a. bank

b. candidacy

c. deposit

d. resume

Answer: b

13. Hoax: deceive:: filibuster:            

a. delay

b. refuse

c. stop

d. none

Answer: a

14. Syllabus: course: agenda:              

a. subject

b. platform

c. meeting

d. lesson

Answer: c

15. Cat: kitten: horse:              

a. cab

b. puppy

c. stallion

d. pony

Answer: d

16. Evaporate: vapor: petrify:              

a. liquid

b. stone

c. magnify

d. cold

Answer: b

17. Canvas: painter: : marble:                

a. sculptor

b. rock

c. statue

d. form

Answer: a

18. Hammer: anvil: : pestle:                  

a. ground

b. grinder

c. mortar

d. knife

Answer: c

19. Librarian: books: : curator:              

a. atlas

b. encyclopedia

c. room

d. paintings

Answer: d

20. Archive: manuscript: arsenal:                

a. soldier

b. weapon

c. castle

d. king

Answer: b

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