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This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 9 of General Information. In preparation for the Civil Service Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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Clerical Ability Part 1

1. Which department of an office is responsible for hiring new personnel?

a. Office of the President

b. Accounting Department

c. Logistic and Supply

d. Human Resource Department

Answer: d

2. Which computer program should you go if you want to email a company?

a. Word

b. Excel

c. Outlook

d. Powerpoint

Answer: c

3. This is a telephonic transmission of scanned documents of texts and images to a telephone number connected to a printer.

a. Photocopying Machine

b. Fax Machine

c. Typewriter

d. Inkjet Printer

Answer: b

4. The chief financial officer is responsible for the financial matters and financial management of a corporation, she is also known as the

a. Auditor

b. Treasurer

c. Chief Executive Officer

d. Manager

Answer: b

5. Which department of a company is responsible for cash register operations and payment processing?

a. Cashier

b. Billing

c. Accounting

d. Budget

Answer: a

6. What is the correct filing arrangement for the following names?

1. Angeles, Mario P.

2. Angeles, Maricel P.

3. Angeles, Marissa P.

4. Angeles, Maria P.

a. 4,2,1,3

b. 4,1,2,3

c. 4,3,2,1

d. 4,1,3,2

Answer: a

7. All of the following items are found in the Official Receipt form except           .

a. Name and address of the buyer

b. Signature of the recipient

c. Quantity of the items paid

d. Credit Card Number of the customer

Answer: d

8. The method of indexing and filing where names are in alphabetized order.

a. Numeric

b. Metric

c. Geographic

d. Alphabetic

Answer: d

9. Which is the best way to address a correspondence for the President of the Philippines?

a. His Excellency Rodrigo Duterte

b. His Excellency President Rodrigo Duterte

c. President Rodrigo Duterte

d. President Digong

Answer: b

10. How do you address the Queen of England when you talk about her?

a. Her Highness the Queen

b. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

c. Queen Elizabeth II her Highness

d. Queen Elizabeth II her Majesty

Answer: b

11. Your boss asked you to send her a soft copy of your latest résumé. An example of a soft copy is:

a. A print out copy usually in a paper

b. Original copy written in a paper

c. A copy saved in a computer and sent through email

d. A copy from a Xerox machine

Answer: c

12. When a company asked you to submit your latest CV, what does CV stand for?

a. Curriculum Vitum

b. Curriculum Virtue

c. Curriculum Vitae

d.  Curriculum Vital

Answer: c

13. It is the section of Accounting Department in a company that records goods and services that it receives and the payments it owes.

a. Budget

b. Payroll

c. Accounts Payable and Receivable

d. Inventory

Answer: c

14. Which of the following is not a function of Accounting Department in a big corporation?

a. Prepare Interim Financial Statements

b. Inventory Management

c. Bank Reconciliation

d. Internal and External Auditing

Answer: 4

15. He is the highest ranking executive manager in a corporation and he is the top person in command in an organization.

a. Chief Financial Executive

b. Chief Executive Officer

c. Executive Admin. Officer

d. Chief Executive Assistant

Answer: b

16. Which of the following is not a responsibility of a clerical worker?

a. Marketing and promotion for customers

b. Filing and updating purchase orders

c. Updating and billing buyer’s account

d. Answering business emails

Answer: a

17. Arrange the proper filing of the following in alphabetical order:

1. Lieutenant Colonel Mark David

2. Atty. Elen Rodriguez

3. Captain Max Aquino

4. Dr. Juan Castro

a. 3412

b. 3421

c. 2431

d. 2341

Answer: d

18. Arrange the proper filing of the following in alphabetical order:

a. Sec. Dinky Soliman

b. Sec. Richard Gordon

c. Sec. Voltaire Gazmin

d. Sec. Armin Luistro





Answer: a

19. How much is the present Value-Added-Tax in the Philippines?

a. 12% of gross profit

b. 12% of cost of goods sold

c. 12% of gross sales

d. 12% of net income

Answer: c

20. This department of the company is responsible for preparing and updating customers’ accounts:

a. Purchasing section

b. Cashier section

c. Billing Section

d. Releasing section

Answer: c

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