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This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 9 of General Information. In preparation for the Civil Service Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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General Information Part 9

1. What is the retirement age of Justice?

a. 80

b. 75

c. 70

d. 65

e. 60

Answer: c

2. Who among the following is responsible for determining the existence of probable cause for the issuance of a warrant of arrest or search warrant?

a. Prosecutor

b. Plaintiff

c. Judge

d. Lawyer

e. Police Investigator

Answer: c

3. The right that guarantees similar treatment to all persons similarly situated and precludes arbitrary or unjust discrimination to secure and safeguard such right is called right _____.

a. to just compensation

b. to profess one’s faith or religion

c. to due process of law

d. to equal protection of the law

e. against double jeopardy

Answer: d

4. A police officer who had just arrested a suspected their placed a placard on the thief’s chest which reads: “Don’t imitate me, I am a thief.” Which of the following rights of the accord is violated?

a. Right to remain silent

b. Right to due process of law

c. Right to counsel

d. Right to self-incrimination

e. Right to be informed of the accusation against him/her

Answer: c

5. All of the following are subject to disciplinary authority of the Ombudsman EXCEPT ______.

a. Elective local officials

b. Members of the Judiciary

c. Members of the Cabinet

d. Managers of govt. corporations

e. General of the Armed Forces of the Philippines

Answer: 4

6. All of the following government agencies exercises original and exclusive jurisdiction over all contests relating to the election returns and the qualifications of the President and Vice-President?

a. Supreme Court

b. Senate Electoral Tribunal

c. Judicial Bar council

d. Commission on Elections

e. Commission on Appointments

Answer: 4

7. In which of the following situations is the principle of due process of law violated?

a. The accused is informed of the nature and cause of the accusations.

b. The accused is tried before an impartial court

c. The government awards contract after public budding.

d. The person arrested was shown and was permitted to examine the warrant of arrest.

e. The government increase bus fares upon receiving a petition citing oil price hike.

Answer: e

8. Which has the sole power to initiate or commence all cases of impeachment?

a. House of Representative

b. Senate

c. Sandiganbayan

4. Ombudsman

5. Supreme Court

Answer: a

9. The process of transferring the basic powers from national to local governments to allow maximum participation of the citizens in government and community activities?

a. Dowsing

b. Deletion

c. Reorganization

d. Decentralization

e. Partnership

Answer: d

10. All persons shall, before, be bailable by sufficient sureties, or to be released on recognizance as may be provided by law, EXCEPT when ______.

a. The accused demands to meet the witness face to face

b. The accused is detained by reason of political beliefs and aspirations

c. The right to have speedy disposition of the case is invoked

d. The privilege go the writ of habeas corpus is suspended

e. Charge with offenses punishable by reclusion perpetua accused accompanied by a strong evidence of guilt.

Answer: e

11. The intention on the of the law is presuming the innocence of an accused in a criminal prosecution is to ______.

a. Favor the accused

b. Add burden ti the prosecution

c. Prevent the conviction of an innocent person

d. Insure the presence of the accused when needed by the court

e. Lighten the degree of punishment that may be imposed on the accused if proven guilty.

Answer: c

12. The constitution provides that the Philippines renounces war as an instrument of national policy, this means that the Philippines will not _____.

a. Declare the existence of a sate of war

b. Engage in aggressive war

c. Do acts offensive to any other countries

d. Prepare for war

e. Prioritize military matters

Answer: b

13. An effective and speedy remedy on the part of of the people to remove an elective official who is not performing his/her functions to their satisfaction is through ______.

a. Suspension

b. Initiative

c. Referendum

d. Election

e. Recall

Answer: b

14. In what level of election are losing candidates eligible for appointment or re-employment to any office in the government?

a. Barangay

b. Municipal

c. City

d. Provincial

e. National

Answer: a

15. The statement, “A law which hears before it condemns, which proceeds upon inquiry, and renders judgement only after trial” best describes the essence of _____.

a. Bill of attainders

b. Double jeopardy

c. Eminent domain

d. Ex post facto law

e. Due process of law

Answer: e

16. The President, the Vice-President, the Members of the Supreme Court, the Members of the Constitutional Commission, and the Ombudsman may only be removed from office through impeachment. Which of the following NOT a ground for impeachment?

a. Betrayal of Public Trust

b. Sexual Harassment

c. Treason, Bribery, Graft and Corruption

4. Other High Crimes

5. Culpable Violation of the Constitution

Answer: b

17. All of the following officials may be removed from office through impeachment EXCEPT the ______.

a. Presiding Justice of the Sandiganbayan

b. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

c. Members of the Supreme Court

d. Chairman of the Commission on Elections

e. Chairman of the Commission on Audit

Answer: a

18. What power that can be delegated by the president?

a. Pardon power

b. Military power

c. Judicial power

d. Executive power

e. Legislative power

Answer: b

19. The court resisted the clamor to issue a temporary injunction for the sake of _____.

a. Principle

b. Expediency

c. Integrity

d. Honesty

e. Sincerity

Answer: b

20. What agency of the government that can declare that the city is a highly urbanized city?

a. Department of Interior and Local Government

b. Department of Budget and Finance

c. Department of Education

d. Department of Agrarian Reform

e. Department of Agriculture

Answer: a

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