CSE: Verbal Ability Part 9

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 9 of Verbal Ability. In preparation for the Civil Service Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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Verbal Ability Part 9

1. Which sentence uses “famish” correctly?

a. After the straight exam, I felt too exhausted and famished to eat my favourite foods.

b. I could eat a horse, I am famish now.

c. I famished my stomach next time you treat me to a meal out.

d. I will bring lots of pizza, that’s a famish.

Answer: a

2. Priscila rather not invest her savings in the stock market.

a. must

b. has to

c. could

d. would

Answer: d

3. Did you have any problem our house?

a. search

b. to search

c. searching

d. for searching

Answer: c

4. I hope you don’t mind joining you.

a. to be

b. I had been

c. that I may

d. my

Answer: d

5. Most basketball players are 6 tall or more.

a. foot

b. feet

c. foots

d. feets

Answer: b

6. These children how to improvise more props for the play.

a. knew

b. knows

c. know

d. known

Answer: c

7. The company will upgrade computer systems next week.

a. there

b. their

c. its

d. it’s

Answer: c

8. Clara three thousand words for her essay.

a. have wrote

b. has wrote

c. have written

d. has written

Answer: d

9. You have too many but few time to prove you’re right.

a. hypothesis

b. hypotheses

c. hyphothesises

d. hypothesess

Answer: b

10. Neither Sarah nor Tina the crime yesterday.

a. witness

b. witnesses

c. witnessed

d. witnessing

Answer: c

11. You do like going to the party alone you?

a. Does

b. Doesn’t

c. Do

d. Don’t

Answer: d

12. We had our house in yellow.

a. painting

b. painted

c. paint

d. to paint

Answer: b

13.  He has been exercising but his immune system was steadily.

a. weak

b. weaken

c. weakened

d. weakening

Answer: d

14.  I was that the weather would be sunny and we would be able to enjoy our swimming.

a. hopeless

b. hopeful

c. hopelike

d. hopely

Answer: b

15. I think it’s not a great idea. I totally.

a. misagree

b. unagree

c. inagree

d. disagree

Answer: d

16.  So many I found in the library, now I’m ready to report.

a. information

b. informations

c. infoes

d. infos

Answer: b

17. My grandpa always feed his flock of early in the morning.

a. sheeps

b. sheep

c. ships

d. ship

Answer: b

18. Happy memories are always remembered, not

a. forget

b. forgets

c. forgot

d. forgotten

Answer: d

19.  Flight Z735 yesterday. 350 passengers died in that accident.

a. crush

b. crushed

c. crash

d. crashed

Answer: d

20.  There is a message when you look closely at her painting.

a. hid

b. hide

c. hided

d. hidden

Answer: d

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