CSE Reviewer Part 28

1. I can tell the future through my dreams.   

    My dreams are  ______ about future.


A. preparation

B. premonition


ANS : B. premonition

- premonition means a strong feeling that something  is about to happen.


2. I wish to ruler the world!

    I want to become the  ______ of the world.


A. measurer

B. ruler


ANS: B. ruler

- ruler also means a person exercising control.


3. Only greedy people wish to become so.

   ________  is what makes people want to rule the world


A. greedism

B. Greed


ANS: B. Greed

- greed is the selfish desire for anything including power


4. I probably lost the bracelet my best friend gave me for my birthday at the park benches.

    I am the _______ of the bracelet found  at the benches.


A. owner

B. loser


ANS: A. owner

- loser means someone who lose, not someone who lost something.


5. Gavin operates the heavy machineries in the factory.

    The  ____ of the machineries in the factory is Gavin.


A. operator

B. In-charge


ANS: A. operator

- although “in charge “ is also correct, ‘operator’ is the best answer as it is derived from the verb operates in the given sentence.


6. It is also his job to maintain the machineries.

    The ____ of the machineries  is also part of his job.


A. maintainance

B. maintenance


Ans: B. maintenance

- the second choice is the correct spelling of the word


7. Whenever I feel stressed, I go to a massage and spa center to feel relaxed.

    I seek ______ when I go to a massage and spa center


A. relaxation

B. relaxing


Ans: A. relaxation

- the  first choice is the correct spelling of the world.


8. Mang eddie is known for making classical furnitures.

    Mang Edidie is a known classical furniture _______ .


A. carver

B. maker


Ans: B. maker

- although “carver” is also correct ‘maker’ is the best answer as it is derived from the verb making in the given sentence.


9. Sheldon’s achievement are inspiring!

    Sheldon is my _______  because of his achievements


A. inspiration

B. inspiracion


Ans: A. inspiration

- the first choice is the correct spelling word.


10. Amy wants pursue he dreams but she fears what future holds.

      _________  of the future is what holds Amy back.


A. Afraid

B. Fear


Ans: B. Fear

- ‘fear ‘ is also the noun form the verb. ‘Afraid’ is an adjective.


11. I accept any challenge because I am determined to achieve my dreams.

      My ____ to achieve my dreams keeps me going.


A. overcoming

B. determination


Ans: B. determination

- ‘overcoming’ is a verb


12. Colonel Smith planning methods are remarkable!

      Colonel Smith makes remarkable _____ .


A. methodology

B. plans


Ans: B. plans

- ‘methodology’ means ‘a system of methods’ while the first sentence is talking about plans.


13. The wolf thinks about the tender young creatures he met at the forest.

      The tender young creatures fills the wolf’s _______ .


A. thoughts

B. belly


Ans: A. thoughts

- based on the first sentence, the wolf has not eaten the young creature yet it is not yet in the wolf belly.


14. Sinbad is king of seven seas.

      The seven seas is part of Sinbad _____ .


A. reign

B. kingdom


Ans: B. kingdom

- ‘kingdom’ refers to the land or realm being ruled by a monarch while ‘reign’ is the period of time during the monarch’s ruled by a monarch while ‘reign’ is the period of time during the monarch’s rule.


15. Elise sued the man who harasser her.

      Elise filled a _____ against her harasser.


A. lawsuit

B. business suit


Ans: A. lawsuit

- a ‘business suit’ is a type of clothing which is not the topic of the first sentence.


16. I am planning on travelling out of the country this year.

      My ______ this year will be out of the country.


A. plans

B. travels


Ans: B. travels

- travels – ‘travels’ is a noun which means ‘the action of travelling’


17. Hans Christian Andersen wrote  my favorite fairy tale

      Hans Christian Andersen is the ____ of my favourite tale.


A. producer

B. author


Ans: B. author

- when talking about a book, we use the ‘author’ not producer’


18. The festival is meant to connect us with our primitive sides.

      The festival is for us to find our ______ with our primitive side.


A. connection

B. mention


Ans: A. connection

- ‘ connection- is a noun derived from the verb ‘connect’ 


19. The mother wanted the kids to know their heritage.

      The mother believes that _________ about one’s heritage is important.


A. want

B. knowledge


Ans: B. knowledge

- ‘knowledge’ is a noun derived from the verb ‘dangerous’


20. It seems, though, that she does know how dangerous it is.

     Through it seems that she does not know its ______ .


A. dangers

B. tough


Ans: A. dangers

- ‘dangers’ is a noun derived from the verb ‘dangerous’


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