Top 10 superstitious beliefs practiced by Filipinos to pass the board exam

Superstitious beliefs practiced by Filipinos to pass the board exam

Philippines is a country known for its mixed culturalism passed down from generations. It is not a secret that Filipinos believe in superstitions in many things they do.

Even in taking an exam, there are superstitious beliefs practiced by Filipinos. The younger generation still believed it because their grandparents pass down the myth.

Here is my Top 10 Superstitious Beliefs Practiced by Filipinos to pass the board exam.

1. No adventure hopping a month before the exam/when the exam is near

Parents will forbid their children who are aspirant takers to avoid bad luck. They say that it is not safe for an exam taker to go out an adventure before his exam.

2. Eat nuts before the exam

Aspirant takers believe in the power of nuts. Nuts actually do the trick since it is the food for the brain, or is it? Well, there is no harm in trying though.

3. Don’t wash your hair during the exam

According to some folks, washing your hair during the exam will erase your knowledge all the way. So, you better think first if you want to try this.

4. Wear something red during exam

PRC has a dress code for the aspirant takers so it’s difficult to wear all red during exam. Following the belief, many aspirant takers wear red undergarments instead.

5. Put a one peso coin on your shoe

To avoid nervousness, put a peso coin on your right shoe before wearing it.

6. Knock on the wood for good luck

Knock on the wood three times for good luck. Three times are enough and make sure it is not metal you knock into.

7. Step in the exam room with your right foot first

You always have to step your right foot first to make your exam right!

8. Kick the chair upon leaving the exam room

Kicking the chair will prevent you from coming back again.

9. Look straight in going out of the exam room

Many exam takers do this to avoid going back, they have to look straight ahead of them.

10. Break the pencil after the exam

Break the pencil you used to avoid failing. This is one that many exam takers believe.


With all these mentioned, still your effort and your faith in God are the two things that matters most. By the way, to tell you, I never practiced any of the beliefs mentioned above and still I pass my board exam. My only weapons are prayer and effort. Good luck exam takers! – MCHQ – PRC BOARD REVIEWERS PH


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