Tips to overcome PANIC during board exam

Tips to overcome PANIC during board exam

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Tips to overcome PANIC during board exam

Your board exam is fast approaching and you are already in the brink of panic. This can cause major mental health issues which in return will cause failure if you don’t manage.

It is true that board exams will make you nervous and cause anxiety in most people. This is the reason why you need to handle stress and anxiety in your own level before your exam to avoid panic.

Here are some tips to make you overcome panic before and during board exams.

Months before Board Exam

Prayer is a powerful tool
In everything you do, do not forget to pray

Get enough sleep
Eight to ten hours of sleep every day is a must to relieve your tired brain.

Eat healthy meals and never skip it
Make sure to eat healthy food with fruits for nutrients.

Make a study pattern or schedule
Be consistent on the study pattern you have and schedule each subject and topics.

Take down important notes
Jot down notes for better understanding.

Practice solving problems
This is very important to make sure you master the skills of solving.

Read and understand, do not memorize
The best way to study is to understand, not memorize. Even if you memorize everything if you did not understand a thing, it is useless.

No use of gadgets for gaming
Discipline yourself and refrain from gaming and gadgets.

Listen to calming music
Soothing music will help ease tension of the muscle brain.

Take time to relax by stretching or a quick exercise
Exercise your body a little bit enough for a quick sweat.

Take time to share something to your friends
Talk to your friends or your parents to have an outlet for negativities. This is important as you prepare for the exam.

One Day before Board Exam

Put God first in everything you do.

Eat healthy and don’t skip meals
Make sure to eat well three times a day with supplements.

Make sure to get enough sleep
You have to sleep eight hours straight a night before the exam.

No more studying, relax your brain and nerves
Close your review notebook and keep them already. This time around is for you to relax and no more studying.

Be positive and motivate yourself
Positivity creates positive vibes and positive results.

Prepare your snacks and drinks for the exam
You need this exactly since you can’t go out during exams.

Prepare your bag and put ball pens, erasers, calculator, etc. needed for the exam
You don’t want to panic because you don’t have pencil or ball pen during exams.

Be ready with candies in your bag to avoid nervousness
This will help ease the tension in your muscles.

Relax and relax more
Relax and everything will be fine.

During Board Exam

  • Pray
  • Stay calm
  • Make sure to go the restroom first.
  • Be confident and positive
  • Prepare yourself to answer the exam
  • Keep your focus
  • Read all instructions very carefully.
  • Do not waste time on one number, skip it and return to it right after you finish all questions.
  • Keep track of the time.
  • Be confident of your answers.
  • Do these tips and sure enough you will be fine after all. Then make sure to be ready for the result, may it be a negative or a positive one. Good luck exam takers! – MCHQ | PRC BOARD PH


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