LET: MAPEH Part 16

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 16 of MAPEH. In preparation for the LET Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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MAPEH Part 16

1. The most positive way health teacher can help students see the importance of personal health care as a desirable choice is to increase their awareness of _____.

a. The negative consequences of not practicing good habits

b. Ways to take care of their senses

c. The enormous responsibility of parents

d. How to personal health care promote overall wellness

Answer: d

2. Which of the following statements is the best strategy for teacher to explain how proper care of the body can influence growth and development?

a. Prepare a handout that list each body system and three health practices that affect it.

b. Divide the class into six groups, each representing a different body system with the exception of the reproductive system.

c. Provide students with poster board, and ask the students to make a collage of people with diverse body types and habits that may influence body functioning.

d. Provide students with handouts containing incomplete statements.

Answer: c

3. Pimples, white heads, blackheads, and acne are the result of _____.

a. germ found in the layer of the epidermis

b. overly active secretion of oil glands in the body

c. overexposure to the sun

d. fungal infection

Answer: b

4. The best thing to do for a child with hearing loss is to _____.

a. speak very loudly

b. detect the condition early and get medical attention

c. look directly to the child

d. administer hearing test

Answer: b

5. Students spend much time during school day sitting at the desk. Which of the following statements will promote good posture upon sitting?

a. The tray of the desk should not be slanted

b. Slightly bend backward the back the chair

c. The seat of the desk should not be higher than the hips

d. Desk should be appropriate in height to allow both feet to touch the floor

Answer: d

6. Children who continually pull on their ears or seem to have NO balance and equilibrium should be referred to an ______.

a. otologist

b. ophalmologist

c. dermatologist

d. orthodontist

Answer: a

7. Teaching students how to soak his her hands or feet in warm water for at least 5 minutes is very important because soaking _____.

a. soaking helps remove bacteria

b. softens their skins

c. softens the nail and make them easier to trim

d. relax both his hands or feet

Answer: c

8. The use of cucumber in your eyelids before going to sleep at night will help _____.

a. pupils dilate

b. enhance sleeping habits

c. prevent puffiness

d. prevent eye damage

Answer: c

9. If a person has a seizure while bathing which of the following procedures should come first?

a. Follow the first aid steps for the seizure.

b. Start the water draining from the tub.

c. Call other staff for assistance

d. Immediately protect and support the head.

Answer: d

10. Ears are special part of our body and like any other organs, we should take care good of them. Which of the following is the safest way to clean your ears?

a. Use cotton swabs.

b. Clean your ears once a week.

c. be gentle in cleaning your ears.

d. Clean your ears with wash clothes using finger

Answer: d

11. A person who able to see more than one side of an issue and exhibits good time-management skill is said to posses _____ wellness.

a. Occupational

b. Social

c. Intellectual

d. Emotional

Answer: c

12. What healthy alternative can one do avoid smoking?

a. Hangout with smoking groups

b. Try one puff to be part of the group

c. Join sports club and organizations

d. Be friendly to smokers

Answer: c

13. If your skin is oily then you are prone to pimples, blackheads and white heads. The best way to treat oily skin is _____.

a. to wash your face twice a day with a gentle non-foaming cleanser and warm water.

b. to use toner to help with that tight and flaky feeling

c. not to use moisturizer

d. to exfoliate

Answer: a

14. A neighbor complains that his children often have diarrhea. What is the best advise you can give him?

a. Clean the house regularly with disinfectants.

b. Do not give the children food bought from street vendors.

c. Tell the children to was their hands properly and regularly

d. Throw the garbage in the proper bins immediately

Answer: c

15. The “ossicles” are found in _____.

a. throat

b. ear

c. vertebral column

d. ankle

Answer: b

16. Which is TRUE od tinea flava?

a. Tincture of iodine

b. Kind of intestinal parasite

c. Loss of taste

d. A fungal skin infection

Answer: d

17. Which eye defect is most common associated with aging?

a. Myopia

b. Presbyopia

c. Astigmatism

d. Conjunctivitis

Answer: b

18. Green leafy vegetables belong to which group?

a. Go foods

b. Grow foods

c. Glow foods

d. Body-building foods

Answer: c

19. Which among the following has the highest dietary fiber content?

a. 1 cup of cooked sweet corn

b. 1 medium-sized raw carrot

c. 1 medium-sized banana

d. 1 cup of lentils (“patani”)

Answer: d

20. Which is the best way to manage diabetes? Help the patient by _____.

a. motivating him/her to look for experimental options

b. recognize his/her situation as one shared by many of his/her peers

c. allowing him/her to anticipate the dietary effects and exercise choices of his/her health

d. by assisting him/her in understanding why he/she develop the disease

Answer: c

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