LET: MAPEH Part 15

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 15 of MAPEH. In preparation for the LET Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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MAPEH Part 15

1. High caloric needs sleep requirements of adolescents are directly related to which of the following?

a. Elevated level of testosterone or estrogen in the body

b. High rates of metabolic activity associated with growth and development

c. increased in stress level of physical activity beyond childhood

d. increased in stress due to the competing demands of school, family and peer group

Answer: b

2. Which of the following method would be most appropriate for students to develop refusal skills?

a. Have the students role -play various refusal skills

b. Have students hold lengthy discussion on how to stand up to peer pressure

c. Lecture about the concepts of refusal skills

d. Have the students collect and bring in magazines to create college

Answer:  a

3. If you believe the one of your students has a drug problem, which should you do to address the situation?

a. Report the situation to the principal

b. Obtain information about student behavior

c. Take with an experienced counselor about setting up intervention

d. Offer your support during treatment

Answer: c

4. Rudy’s habit is gotten out of control. His habit has a negative impact on his health. His characteristic include craving, loss control, and escalation. Rudy’s behaviors indicate _____.

a. intoxication

b. addiction

c. dependence

d. Abuse

Answer: b

5. According to the chain of infection model, the use of disposable spoon and fork in food chain control the spread of communicable disease primarily by interfering with ______.

a. size of the human reservoir available has its host to the pathogen

b. production of large numbers of the pathogen in a host

c. establishment of the disease in a new host

d. portal of entry of the pathogen into new host

Answer: d

6. A family consist of a mother with two children and a father with three children, Each child is biologically related to only one of the adults in the family. Which if the following best describes this family structure?

a. A single-parent family

b. A blended family

c. An extended family

d. An adoptive family

Answer: b

7. A college student who is waiting for her turn to present an oral report discovers that her heart is pounding and her palms are sweaty. This condition is _____.

a. nervousness

b. heart attack

c. stress

d. shock

Answer: c

8. Pregnancy is most reliably confirmed by ______.

a. monitoring changes in daily body temperature

b. the absence of two or more periods

c. having a doctor test for HCG in the blood

d. a positive result on a home pregnancy

Answer: c

9. Fetal alcohol syndrome is associated with which of the following?

a. Hepatitis

b. Development disabilities

c. Phenylketonuria

d. Leukemia

Answer: a

10. John is experiencing stress in the school that may bring on asthma attack, As a Health teacher the way to respond is ______.

a. call a doctor immediately

b. apply inhale and exhale technique

c. provide medication

d. allow the student to relax

Answer: d

11. Joe is being selected as a class officer in his school and being an officer he has so many responsibilities to do. Although anxiety is produced, it helps him become more effective in physical, social, and physiological functioning. What is joe is experiencing?

a. Distress

b. Anxiety

c. Eustress

d. Depression

Answer: c

12. As a health teacher, what is the best way to deal with students’ distress? Teacher should _____.

a. helps the students mentally classify events as they rise and to decide which situation can be personally handled

b. Help them learn to accept responsibility for their own behavior

c. teach the students to be optimistic

d. encourage students to reward themselves periodically with emotional or material favors.

Answer: a

13. HIV may be transmitted form one individual to another in all of the following ways EXCEPT _____.

a. perinatally from infected mother to her focus

b. through contact made during oral sex

c. through breastmilk from an infected mother and fed to an infant

d. generically from parent to child

Answer: d

14. Jenny is 6-months pregnant, During her pregnancy she experienced some specific illness such as preeclampsia, pregnancy-induced diabetes and infection. This condition is due to the result of _____.

a. lack of physical activity and exercise

b. lack of prenatal care

c. disturbed emotional well-being

d. lack of proper nutrition

Answer: b

15, Adolescent with type-1 diabetes can be manage their disease by _____.

a. avoiding all non-essential physical activity

b. eating frequent meals and sugary snacks

c. a rigorous exercise regimen

d. frequent monitoring of blood sugar and the administration of insulin

Answer: d

16. Strep throat is commonly found in the school setting. Which is the best way to prevent the spread of disease?

a. Tell the students see a doctor

b. Student with sore throat should be excluded from school until fever and soar throat are gone for twenty-four to forty eight hours.

c. Allow the students to drink plenty of fluids

d. Complete bed rest and good condition

Answer: b

17. Which of the following statement should a teacher keep in mind about a child having sickle cell anemia in the classroom?

a. Provide some activity such as games, handicrafts, and music in which the child can excel to gain acceptance with the peer group.

b. Do not allow the students to participate in physical exercises and other strenuous activity.

c. Teacher should be aware of the emotional and social need of the student.

d. Let the student understand his condition

Answer: a

18. Which of the following is not a statute of Republic Act 9288 or Newborn Screening (NBS)act of 2004:

a. Every baby born in the Philippines must undergo NBS

b. A sustainable NBS system within the public health delivery system must be established

c. All health practitioners must be aware of NBS

Answer: a

19. The expand program on immunization (EPI) ensures that infants, children and mothers have access to routinely recommended vaccine. Which of the following vaccines is NOT included in the EPI:

a. Tuberculosis

b. Poliomyelitis

c. Diphtheria

d. Cholera

Answer: d

20. A Couple wants a long-term but not permanent family planning method. What would you recommend:

A. Intrauterine

b. Vasectomy

c. Bilateral tubal ligation

d. Injectable contraceptives

Answer: a

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