This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 9 of MAPEH. In preparation for the LET Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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MAPEH Part 9

1. Don’t wait for the end of the unit to check whether your students are learning or not. This means, do ______.

a. Formative tests

b. Authentic tests

c. Summative tests

d. Alternative tests

Answer: a

2. What should you use to ensure a more objective assessment of performance?

a. Table of Specifications

b. Likert scale

c. Checklist

d. Scoring rubric

Answer: d

3. MAPEH is generally a skill subject. Which form of assessment is most appropriate?

a. Authentic

b. Tradition

c. Formative

d. Summative

Answer: a

4. You want to find out of your students learned how to swim. Which assessment is most appropriate?

a. Performance test

b. Summative

c. Product

d. Formative

Answer: a

5. While you are practicing a skill you want to find out how well your students can execute the skill correctly, Which form of assessment applies?

a. Summative

b. Balance

c. Formative

d. Indirect

Answer: c

6. Does MAPEH make use traditional assessment?

a. No, authentic test only

b. Yes, for knowledge-based items

c. Yes for skill-based items.

d. No, always authentic assessment.

Answer: b

7. At the end of a quarter, you give an end of the quarter culminating activity, What kind of assessment is this?

a. Direct

b. Summative

c. Formative

d. Indirect

Answer: b

8. For art subject, a culminating activity in the form of art exhibits falls?

a. Performance

b. Summative

c. Product

d. Formative

Answer: c

9. Assessment for learning in MAPEH refers to ______ assessment.

a. productive

b. formative

c. summative

d. perfomance

Answer: b

10. Assessment of learning in MAPEH refers to _____ assessment.

a. formative

b. product

c. Summative

d. performance

Answer: c

11. To ensure objectivity of scoring in MAPEH, which is necessary?

a, Scoring rubric

b. Scope of the test

c. Table of specification

d. Right minus wrong policy

Answer: a

12. Which of the practical test that we used to do in Physical Education classes?

a. Performance

b. Drill test

c. Product assessment

d. exhibit

Answer: c

13. You want to know if your students in music can now read notes? Which should you use?

a. Performance test

b. Indirect test

c. Product

d. Traditional test

Answer: a

14. You want test your Health student’s mastery of the Basic Food Groups. Which should you use?

a. Authentic test

b. Summative test

c. Formative test

d. Written test

Answer: b

15. Which are the responsibilities of a coach?

I. Developing participants’ physical and psychological fitness of athletes

II. Providing the best possible practical conditions in order to maximize athletes performance

III. Ensure that his/ her preferred team perform best.

a. I and II

b. II only

c. III only

d. I only

Answer: a

16. Which is/ are preventive forms of officiating? Takes two forms.

I. One is helping players to avoid violations.

II. Notifying a player not to be continued a foul.

III. Resolving a fight between the teams.

a. I and III

b. I only

c. III only

d. II only

Answer: a

17. What skills are include in sport management?

I. Planning

II. Organizing

III. Directing

IV. Controlling

a. I, II, III and IV

b. I and II

c. II and III

d. I, II and III

Answer: c

18. Which type of tournament format is the easiest and fastest way to declare winner?

a. Single Elimination

b. Double Elimination

c. Round Robin

d. Double Round Robin

Answer: a

19. If the practices is inversely proportional to number of mistakes committed in choral rendition, this means that the practice was ______.

a. neutral impact

b. quite long

c. ineffective

d. effective

Answer: c

20. You want to study how much important schools give to MAPEH as a subject. How will you gather data?

I. Study documents that bear time allotment of subjects

II. Interview teachers and schools heads on their perceptions on the importance of the MAPEH Subjects.

III. Gather data on how many MAPEH related activities are organized

a. III only

b. I, II and III

c. I and II

d. II only

Answer: d

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