NBI arrests woman who took Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers in behalf of her sister

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The National Bureau of Investigation arrested Monaida Dimakaling y Gadi on October 2, 2022 for presenting herself as “Nazia Dimakaling y Gadi” in taking the Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers at Pagadian City National High School Danlugan Campus.

Based on the reports, the assigned proctor of the licensure examination at discovered the impersonation. The proctor noticed the difference between the picture attached to the Permanent Examination and Registration Record Card (PERRC) and the Notice of Admission (NOA) of Examinee No. 3 in the name of NAZIA and of the person who is actually taking the examination. 

The observation was referred to the Floor Supervisor who also spotted the evident variance between the pictures attached to the PERRC and NOA, and the appearance of the person who took the examination. The matter was reported to the Building Supervisor who in turn sought the assistance of the NBI-PAGDO.

During investigation, Subject Monaida immediately admitted that she is not the supposed board examination taker NAZIA DIMAKALING. The subject also revealed that NAZIA is her younger sister and that the latter asked her to take the examination in her behalf. Thus, agents of NBI-PAGDO apprehended Subject Monaida and were able to confiscate in the possession of the latter a BIR ID card and Quarantine ID, both under the name of NAZIA.

Subject Monaida was presented for inquest proceedings before the Office of the Prosecutors Office of Pagadian City for Falsification of Official Document under Article 172 in relation to Article 171, paragraph 2 of the Revised Penal Code, as amended. 

In a resolution issued by the Office of the Prosecutor of Pagadian City, NAZIA DIMAKALING (at-large) was also indicted for the same offense who conspired with Subject Monaida in the execution of the said fraudulent act.

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