LET: Professional Education Part 16

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 16 of Professional Education. In preparation for the LET Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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Professional Education Part 16

Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

1.If today we have an oversupply of teachers in the country, in the past we had a shortage. When did we have a shortage of teachers?

a. In 1901 when a highly centralized public school was established

b. In 1863 when primary schooling was made compulsory

c. In 1943 when the Japanese created the Military of education

d. In the 70’s when teachers sought for greener pasture aboard

Answer: a

2. Complete this analogy:

Spanish period: moral and religious person

American: _______

a. patriotic citizen

b. caring citizen

c. productive citizen

d. self-reliant citizen

Answer: a

3. Which I s NOT characteristic of education during the pre-Spanish era?

a. Structured

b. Informal

c. Religion-oriented

d. Vocational training-oriented

Answer: b

4. Which program is DepED’s vehicle in mobilizing support from the private and non-government sectors to support programs based on DepED’s assistance packages?

a. Adopt-a-School-Program

b. Child-Friendly-School System

c. Brigada School Program

d. Every Child A Reader Program

Answer: a

5. Which DepED test do out-of-school youths and adults take to enable them to enroll in college if they pass it?

a. Accreditation and Equivalency Test

b. National Achievement

c. National Secondary Achievement Test

d. National College Entrance Examination

Answer: a

6. The then National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) was abolished because it was perceived to be ____.

a. again the democratization of access to education

b. not supportive of the production of quality manpower for the country

c. highly expensive for it was given to a huge number of high school graduates

d. culturally biased against the marginalized citizens

Answer: d

7. The following are characteristics of a Child-friendly school EXCEPT ______.

a. exclusive

b. child-centered

c. gender-sensitive

d. not discrimination

Answer: a

8. Can parents pass on their duty to education their children to the school, especially if they are illiterate?

a. NO, parents have the primary duty to educate their children.

b. YES, because parents did not go through formal training for the education of their children.

c. It depends on the condition of parents

d. It depends on the condition of children.

Answer: a

9. What could be an appropriate research approach to determine the factors that contribute to school effectiveness?

a. Compare the achievement scores of the student from the urban center with those from the rural areas.

b. Introduce an intervention program in schools consistently performance low in national assessment tests.

c. Conduct an inventory of instructional resources being used in all school.

d. Establish benchmarks from a case study of a school that is consistently topping the national examinations.

Answer: d

10. Accreditation program are among the ways of ensuring quality in education. The most important criterion in accreditation is______________________

a. assessment based on the school’s philosophy, mission/vision, resources, and student achievement

b. assessment of the school’s corporate climate

c. training of a chosen sample of teachers, staff, school administrators from various sectors for accreditation procedures

d. volunteerism on the part of the school asking for accreditation

Answer: a

11. Spartan education provided much attention and time for the art of war and the training of solder-citizens. Hence, the Spartan curricula consisted of military exercises in services for the state. Athenian education, on the other hand, stressed individual excellence, hence aimed to provide ______________.

a. moral training and emphasized virtues to develop personality

b. learners with training in harsh discipline

c. full-rounded development to fight as soldiers

d. control of training of children

Answer: a

12. The following are moves of the government to democratize access to education EXCEPT one. Which is the exception?

a. Opening of barangay high school

b. Implementation of Philippines Equivalency Placement test

c. In-service training for teachers

d. Employment of para-teachers

Answer: c

13. Accrediting the Madrasah is government’s move toward _________.

a. democratizing access to education

b. improving the quality of education

c. meeting the manpower needs of country

d. promoting science and technology, culture, and sport

Answer: a

14. With equitable access to basic education in mind, which does NOT belong to the group?

a. Establishment of state colleges

b. Increase of scholarship and loan grants

c. Mobile teachers

d. Non-formal education programs

Answer: a

15. Which is a CORRECT statement on service contracting scheme?

a. It increases access to education

b. It works against quality education

c. It discriminates against private schools.

d. It is not cost-effective.

Answer: a

16. Which one works against the improvement of quality education?

a. Deregulation

b. Voluntary

c. School working in isolation from community and industry

d. Identification of centers of excellence/centers of development

Answer: c

17. From the Households and school matching survey (HSMS) conducted in 1982, it was found out that School factors have less influence learning when compared to community and home background Variables. Which is one implication of this finding?

a. The school needs to strengthen its partnership with parents and community

b. The school must focus on mastery learning

c. DECS should work for 1:1 child-book ratio.

d. DECS must create more teacher items.

Answer: a

18. Which one is an alternative learning delivery system where an itinerant teacher, with the use Modules, teacher a small group of a week then moves to another community the next week?

a. Tent school

b. Mobile teacher

c. Para-teacher

d. Multi-grade

Answer: b

19. The alternative learning delivery system used throughout the country has the following characteristics EXCEPT they _____________.

a. are indigenous

b. require linkage with various resources

c. stick to traditional schooling

d. are non-formal

Answer: c

20. A student passes a book report written but ornately presented in a folder to make up for the poor Quality of the book report content. Which practice does this point to?

a. Substance over “porma”

b. Art over academics

c. Art over science

d. “Porma” over substance

Answer: d

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