Did Mr. Carpio ask an evaluation question?



Mr. Carpio’s lesson was on water conservation. He presented a graph that campared water consumption of small and big families. Before he asked any of the questions, he asked someone to stand up to give an answer. He only called on those who raised their hands. The question he asked were:

  1. What do you see in the graph?
  2. How do you compare the water consumption of small and big families?
  3. Why do most of the big families consume more water than the smaller families?
  4. Do all the small families consume less water than the big families? Explain your answer.
  5. in your opinion, why does one small family consume more water than one big family?
  6. In what ways in water wasted?
  7. What are ways of conserving water?
  8. are the families present good at water conservation? Why or why not ?
  9. What generalization can you draw about water consumption and size of families?
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