What trait/characteristic special by the Philippine constitution as output of school learning, did Gian demonstrate when he wore a barong tagalog in the constest?



Six year-old Gain Karlo Dapul of Philippine Science high school won first place in the international Speaking Competition in London Conducted by the English Speaking Union on the theme New Frontiers.
Gain wore a barong tagalog in the competition and in the sourvenir photo where he was flanked by 57 student competitors from 34 country. His Speech was titled “Fish Muscus and Foot Fungus.”
He started his speech as follows:
When I was in 6th grade, I hated mathematics. You would have, too, if you had my teacher. He would drop huge workbooks on our table and croak, “30 problems, 50 minutes. “A lot of these problems seemed unsolvable, so we complained. ” Sir, there are no answers to these is a solution.”
Gain is an Choir Olympics. He sings Bass 1. He Plays the classical guitar, writes for the school organ; he is an officer of the Student Council, a member of the Student Council, a member of the debating learn and drama club of his school

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  1. a. he has a strong national identity

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