LET: TLE Part 21

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 21 of TLE. In preparation for the LET Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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TLE Part 21

1. How is highlight produced for corrective make-up? A highlight is produced when _______.

a. A darker foundation than the original one is applied to particular part of the dace.

b. a lighter shade than the original one is applied to a particular part of the face

c. a medium shade similar to the original one is applied to a particular part of the face

d. a shadow subdues or minimize prominent features.

Answer: b

2. What must one remember in giving facial manipulation to induce relaxation?

a. Routine

b. tempo

c. pressure

d. skin type

Answer: b

3. A client comes into the salon for a scalp treatment. She has home obvious abrasions on her scalp. Which treatment would be accepted?

a. Apply an antiseptic scalp treatment with minimum massage

b. Apply an oil treatment with heat cap

c. Advise the client of her scalp condition and reschedule her appointment

d. Give a first aid treatment and proceed with manipulations.

Answer: c

Mikay Noticeably has gray but she is only 11 years old and she not an albino.

4. What may the cause gray hairs at this early age?

a. Lack of sleep and overexposed to computers

b. She has serious illness

c. She has defect in pigment formation occurring at birth

d. A result of the natural aging process of humans

Answer: c

5. Who is an albino? A person with _______.

a. A hypertrichosis or superfluous hair, an abnormal development of hair

b. an absence of coloring matter in the hair shaft, which is accompanied by no marked of pigment coloring in the skin or irises of the eyes.

c. Androgenetic alopecia

d. a small involuntary muscle attached to the underside of a hair follicule

Answer: b

6. What type of hair cutting is done when one holds the shears at an angle to the hair stranded other than 90 degrees?

a. blunt cut

b. beveled cut

c. graduated cut

d. undercutting

Answer: b

7. Which of the following safety measure in hair cutting is NOT true?

a. Always palm the shears when combining the hair

b. When cutting bangs or any area close to the skin

c. Beginners should always use a guard when razor cutting

d. Cut past the second knuckle when cutting on the inside of the hand

Answer: a

8. Which is an art of arranging the hair with attractive shapes and styles?

a. Hairstyling

b. Hair trimming

c. Curling

d. Waving

Answer: d

9. Tenny cut the hair of Miss G. Tenny just  did partially wet and partially dry of Miss G’s hair. What would be the result of Miss G’s heir?

a. Even

b. Uneven

c. Perfect

d. Curly

Answer: b

10. Following a haircut, when is texturing performed most effectively?

a. On dry hair styled the way it will typically be won.

b. At the shampoo after the conditioner is applied

c. On soaking wet hair that has been brushed

d. On moderately damp hair prior to styling

Answer: a

11. The following are some myths about hair growth EXCEOT one. Which one?

a. close clipping, shaving, trimming, cutting or singeing has an effect on the rate of hair growth

b. The application of oils increases hair growth

c. Hair grows after death

d. Normal hair, healthy hair grows

Answer: d

12. Cutting the hair for a graduated effect is called ______.

a. tapered haircutting

b. wedge haircutting

c. sectioning

d. berbering

Answer: a

13. Which of the following is an art of creating curls is called _______.

a. Hairstyling

b. Thermal styling

c. Hair setting

d. Traditional finger waving

Answer: c

14. Which is done to increase the circulation of the blood to scalp, rest and soothe the nerves, stimulate the muscles and the activity of the activity of the scalp glands?

a. Shampooing

b. Hair treatment

c. Scalp manipulation

d. Rebonding

Answer: c

15. Which is the correct way to remove tangles from the hair before hair stylling.

a. crown

b. forehead

c. nape of the neck

d. back of the head

Answer: c

16. Under the circumstances how many strands of hair does an average person shed per day?

a. 20-50

b. 40-100

c. 80-120

d. 150-200

Answer: b 

17. Hair is distributed all over the body EXCEPT on

a. soles of the feet

b earlobe

c. hands

d. eyes

Answer: a

18. Which one helps to moisturize the face to return lost moisture and hydrate the skin to slow down the skin aging process?

a. Anti-aging face creams

b. Face-toners

c. face exfoliators

d. Face creams

Answer: d

19. What among the following would be the first step in giving facial?

a. apply cleansing cream

b. apply treatment mask

c. apply moisturizer

d. apply massage cream

Answer: b

20. Which of the following statement is NOT a concern in analyzing the clients skin? If the ______.

a. skin is dry normal or oily

b. shape of the face

c. line creases exist

d. skin texture is smooth or rough

Answer: b

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