LET: TLE Part 5

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 5 of TLE. In preparation for the LET Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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TLE Part 5

1. Which us the kinetic energy of falling water?

a. thermo energy

b. hydrogen energy

c. solar energy

d. mechanical energy

Answer: b

2. Which is a solar collector that is capable of producing voltage when exposed to radiant energy (sunlight)?

a. Photoelectric

b. Photovoltaic system

c. Photoemission system

d. Solar light

Answer: b

3. Energy derived or extracted from the internal heat of earth is called _____ energy.

a. volcanic

b. geothermal

c. thermal

d. chemical

Answer: b

4. Which refers to the extraction of electrons form a substance by sunlight in incident electromagnetic radiation?

a. Photoelectric effect

b. Photovoltaic effect

c. Photoemission

d. Electron microscopy

Answer: a

5. Which statement is true?

a. bigger size of wire has higher resistance

b. bigger size of wire has lower resistance

c. long wire has lesser resistance

d. short wire has higher resistance

Answer: b

6. A small bulb with a resistance of 1000 ohms is connected across a 120-v line. What is the current through the bulb?

a. 1.2 A

b. 0.012 A

c. 0.12 A

d. 12 A

Answer: c

7. A 200.v lamp ha a resistance of 400 ohms. The power rating in watts of lamp is ______.

a. 100w

b. 600w

c. 200w

d. 250w

Answer: a

8. If 18 resistance, each of a value of 36 ohms, are connected in parallel, then the total resistance is ______.

a. 36 ohms

b. 2 ohms

c. 648 ohms

d. 54 ohms

Answer: b

9. A toaster takes 10A from a 120v line. The power used is ______.

a. 12w

b. 130w

c. 1200w

d. 120w

Answer: c

10. What is the ohms of a 100w, 110v incandescent lamp?

a. 121 ohms

b.115 ohms

c. 125 ohms

d. 12.1 ohms

Answer: a

11. How many kilowatts is the water heater if it draws a current of 10 amperes and ha resistance of 23 ohms?

a. 12 Kw

b. 2 300 Kw

c. 230 Kw

d. 2.3 Kw

Answer: d

12. The resistance of an electrical wire is inversely proportional to its ______.

a. length

b. cross sectional area

c. temperature

d. Material

Answer: b

13. A fluorescent lamp unit collected to a 110v AC line takes 1.2A and requires 110 w power. What is its power factor?

a. 0.9 Kw

b. 2 300 Kw

c. 230 Kw

d. 2.3 Kw

Answer: b

14. An electric heater uses 20kw-hr 8 hours. If the voltage across the heater is 240 volts. What is the heater resistance?

a. 2.5 ohms

b. 83.3 ohms

c. 23.04 ohms

d. 2.30 ohms

Answer: c

15. The resistance of a 230v incandescent lamp is 200 ohms. What current is required to operate the lamp?

a. 0.85 A

b. 0.77 A

c. 1.30 A

d. 7. 74 A

Answer: b

16. A group of lamps operates a current of 12A and a voltage of 120v. What is the total power of the lamps?

a. 1.44kw

b. 1.20kw

c. 1.34kw

d. 14.4kw

Answer: a

17. What is the maximum load capacity of 15A circuit breaker protecting a branch circuit that supplies a continuous load?

a. 15A

b. 10A

c. 12A

d. 14A

Answer: c

18. What is the horsepower rating of an electric water pump if it has a power rating of 1.75 Kw?

a. 2 hp

b. 2.3 hp

c. 2.5 hp

d. 23 hp

Answer: b

19. How many kilowatts does a certain appliance consumes for 5 hrs. of use if it has a power rating of 1.5 hp

a. 56 Kw

b. 7.5 Kw

c. 5.6 Kw

d. 754 hp

Answer: c

20. A cell supplies a load current 0.5A for a period 20 hours until its terminal voltage can it be expected to supply a current of 100 mA?

a. 50 hours

b. 100 hours

c. 60 hours

d. 70 hours

Answer: b

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