Top 10 reasons why people fail in Board Exam

10. Teaching is not your passion

~ if teaching is not your passion, it will be hard for you to understand the very nature of it.

9. Low self-esteem

~having low self-esteem before or during the exam may affect you too much in taking the LET.

8. Negative mindset

~negativity may cause negative result. Negativity is not meant to be adapt.

7. Overconfident

~ Being overconfident during the exam is not a good attitude. It may cause carelessnes and underestimating the questions may caught you off guard.

6. Lack of focus

~ focus is important, especially if your a LET taker. Know your goals... and do it one at a time.

5. Board Exam is not your priority

~ we can't blame you, if you have other things to attend to. But as others do, Prioritize it because if not you will seriously fail. FOCUS and take it seriously.

4. Lack of prayer

~ This to me is subjective, it depends on your faith. Others don't pray as much as i do. But IMO prayer is necessary before, during and after the exam. "Because faith can move mountains."

3. Lack of update

~ always update your knowledge...wag pa kampante sa stock knowledge... always try to browse other stuff di lang sa specialization mo. Integrate each part!

2. No review

~ of course haaaysst para kang sasabak sa gera ng di ka na brief kung ano ba mission mo.

If you are not a genius then you might as well need to have some review. may review center ka pwedeng pasukan. Mas ok yun kase they will teach you some tips for LET na di mo makukuha sa self review lang.


~malamang paano ka ppapasa nyan. 

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