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This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 1 of General Education. In preparation for the LET Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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General Education Part 1

1. Professional marketing consultants know their products thoroughly and ______.

a. study market trends

b. they analyze market trends

c. analyze market trends

d. realize better market trends

Answer: c

2. Approximately 5 years of intensive language study are required for second language learners. Park Myung-il _____ French for three and a half years but he will need more training to be more proficient.

a. will be studying

b. has been studying

c. has studied

d. will have been studying

Answer: b

3. Don Agapito del Villar is an absolute ruler who serves his country well and thinks well about the welfare of his people. He, then, can sometimes he called as _____.

a. belligerent dictator

b. blatant dictator

c. benevolent dictator

d. beneficial dictator

Answer: c

4. “Nothing that happens in this world ever happens by chance; it is all part of a grand design.” This statement expresses about a person’s _____.

a. ambition

b. dreams

c. destiny

d. luck

Answer: c

5. What does this passage say about life? “Life is but walking shadow, a pun player that struts and frets… and is heard no more.”

a. life is just a passing stage

b. life is limited

c. life has its end

d. life is ever changing

Answer: c 

6. Almost two thirds of the population today ______ poor.

a. is

b. are

c. has been

d. were

Answer: a

7. Much _____ left unproductive by the flooding.

a. has been

b. is

c. is being

d. have been

Answer: a

8. The _____ that, for various reasons, girls spent less time working with computers than boys.

a. studies revealing

b. studies reveal

c. studies revealed

d. studies was revealing

Answer: c 

9. “He has been absent for three days because he is _____ measles.”

a. affected of

b. afflicted with

c. afflicted of

d. affected with

Answer: b

10. _____ to our appeal for reconsideration, the Board of Discipline will not give us any extension for filling additional evidence.

a. As regards

b. In regard

c. With regards as

d. With regard

Answer: d

11, Everyone in the field of entertainment _____ to watch the FAMAS Awards.

a. was excited

b. were certainly excited

c. is certainly excited

d. are certainly excited

Answer: c

12. During the Independence Day celebrations, the directive is _____.

a. hang your flags on June 12

b. Hanged your flags during June 12

c. hanged you flags on June 12

d. hung your flags on June 12

Answer: a

13. The Vice-Governor said, “I _____ won the election without the backing of a religious sect.

a. could had

b. should have not

c. shall have not

d. should

Answer: b

14. The measure of choosing well is whether or not man likes what he _____.

a. chose

b. has chosen

c. choose

d. is choosing

Answer: b

15. After 8 unfruitful years, Antonino finally quit his job. He _____ along with his immediate boss a long time before he finally decided to look for a new job.

a. didn’t get

b. isn’t getting

c. hasn’t been getting

d. hadn’t been getting

Answer: c

16. Many years of intensive language study are required for immigrant speakers. Antonio _____ French for 3 years, but he will need more training before he masters it.

a. will have been studying

b. will be studying

c. has been studying

d. have been studying

Answer: c

17. An association wherein the name of something is substituted by something represents it.

a. Comparison

b. Personification

c. Euphemism

d. Apostrophe

Answer: d

18. A figure of speech which denotes a direct address to an abstract or a person who passed away.

a. Euphemism

b. Asyndeton

c. Comparison

d. Apostrophe

Answer: d

19. The Independent Power Producers (IPP’s) | a  are seeking a | b higher price increase for | c power generation. No error | d.

Answer: d

20. They don not | a care whether | b or not they passed | c the qualifying examinations. No error. | d

Answer: c – pass

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