CSE: Verbal Ability Part 4

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 4 of Verbal Ability. In preparation for the Civil Service Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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Verbal Ability Part 4

1. After his writing job in the internet, he usually saunters at the small forest park near his home to refresh his mind.

a. Plays with his tablet

b. Outlines his next writing job

c. Takes a nap

d. Walks in a slow, relaxed manner

Answer: d

2. After receiving a lump sum for his pension, he splurged a large amount on clothes and fancy accessories.

a. Deposited immediately

b. Gave generously

c. Spent extravagantly

d. Invested on

Answer: c

3. The zigzag road is perilous to small vehicles.

a. Dangerous

b. Suitable

c. Good

d. Attractive

Answer: a

4. Her penchant for stylish clothes combined with her love for acting earned her a role in a Broadway musical.

a. Interest

b. Hunger

c. Appetite

d. Fondness

Answer: d

5. The newly-crowned Miss Universe basks in the light of international recognition.

a. Wonders

b. Smiles

c. Receives

d. Wallows

Answer: d

6. He was the recipient of the award for model employee of the year.

a. a person or thing that receives

b. someone who gives something

c. a generous person

d. one who borrows

Answer: a

7. He was so occupied that he sends a proxy to a wedding where he is apart of the entourage.

a. substitute

b. representative

c. friend

d. relative

Answer: b

8. The lake attracts thousand of local and foreign tourists because of its unparalleled beauty.

a. exceptional

b. immeasurable

c. charming

d. elegant

Answer: a

9. The terrain was so unfamiliar that the retreating troops were vanquished easily by the beauty.

a. killed mercilessly

b. captured

c. surrounded

d. defeated thoroughly

Answer: d

10. He was able to free himself from his captors unscathed.

a. without any difficulty

b. without any obstacle

c. without suffering any injury, damage or harm

d. without any noise

Answer: c

11. The volunteer workers in the orphanage treat the orphans and wayward children with motherly solicitude.

a. kindness and generosity

b. care or concern

c. strong commitment

d. perfect discipline

Answer: b

12. The teacher’s instructions were very explicit that everybody understood and performed very well.

a. clear and in detail

b. easy to follow

c. not confusing

d. direct to the point

Answer: a

13. It was unfortunate that the once healthy gym instructor caught a debilitating disease.

a. tending to frighten

b. tending to weaken

c. tending to kill

d. tending to blind

Answer: b

14. In his ten years in office, he was able to amass a great wealth and several properties.

a, gather or accumulate

b. receive

c. win

d. acquire forcibly

Answer: a

15. The newly-opened store attracts more customers because of its lively, easy-to-remember slogan.

a. song

b. advertisement

c. promo

d. jingle

Answer: d

16. Everyone in his department hates their irascible superior who is fond of shouting at a small mistake.

a. frightening

b. fond of cussing

c. disrespectful

d. irritable

Answer: d

17. His cook magazine come out in the market fortnightly.

a. every month

b. every quarter

c. every two weeks

d. every two months

Answer: c

18. He was shaking his head as he looked at the debris of fallen building wrecked by a powerful earthquake.

a. remains

b. scattered fragments

c. scaffoldings

d. wreckage

Answer: b

19. The color of the walls is so drab it needs to be repainted.

a. very ugly

b. drearily dull

c. lacking in elegance

d. simple and common

Answer: b

20. The exquisite design of the building made of corals enthralls the guests of the blessings.

a. charm

b. capture

c. secure

d. impress

Answer: a

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