LET: General Education Part 2

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 2 of General Education. In preparation for the LET Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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General Education Part 2

1. How would you address a doctor – husband and a lawyer-wife?

a. Dr. and Mrs. Mel Rosales

b. Dr. Rosales and Atty. Rosales

c. Dr. and Atty. Mel Rosales

d. Dr. Mel and Atty. Morales

Answer: b

2. Which sentence is in its correct form?

a. His allays are mostly from the Nacionalista Party.

b. The delays in the election returns are very suspicious.

c. He has been travelling for the last 3 years.

d. Only 16.8% of the nursing examiners passed the 2009 Nursing Board Examinations.

Answer: c

3. What does it mean when we say “We have achieved a breakthrough here.”?

a. that the negotiators or members have begun to agree on certain issues.

b. that the members have abandoned the negotiating table.

c. the other party have won the negotiation

d. the conference have been indefinitely postponed.

Answer: a

4. You wouldn’t want to be late for the interview, ______?

a. won’t you

b. will you

c. don’t you

d. would you

Answer: d

5. Historically, therefore, _____ must be no let up in the pursuit of the solution.

a. There’ll

b. They’re

c. There

d. Their

Answer: c

6. The union members cannot _____ the kind of compensation plan they want.

a. agree on

b. agree to

c. agree with

d. get agree with

Answer: a

7. She has no conception _____ the performance of her duties.

a. as to

b. as with

c. with

d. as on

Answer: a

8. The witness testified _____ the defendant’s early life.

a. as to

b. as on

c. about

d. with

Answer: c

9. It is essential that harmony prevail _____ the departments.

a. between

b. among

c. with

d. with all

Answer: b

10. Please _____ the book with you the next time you come to my office.

a. take

b. bring

c. carry

d. bring along

Answer: b

11. The friendliness ______ the Philippines Foreign Minister and the American Secretary of State promoted harmony.

a. between

b. with both

c. with

d. of both

Answer: a

12. Since Mr. Dela Cruz was elected President of the organization, the members _____ better socials.

a. enjoyed

b. are enjoying

c. have enjoyed

d. had enjoy

Answer: c

13. I was filing when he returned but I _____ the report before that time.

a. was typing

b. was still typing

c. am typing

d. had been typing

Answer: d

14. The Congolese refugees paint a _____ picture of their suffering in the hand of the Chadian rebels.

a. ubiquitous

b. exciting

c. poignant

d. blatant

Answer: c

15. It’s plain to see, said she, “there are too many and’s in that sentence.”

a. Its plain to see, said she, “there are too many and’s in the sentence.

b.  “It’s plain to see, “said she, “there are too many and’s in that sentence.”

c. “Its plain to see,” said she, there are too many ands in that sentence.”

d. Its plan to see, said she, there are many ands in that sentence.

Answer: b

16. Suffrage is a privilege in a democracy, Those who are deprived of their voting right are normally:

a. penalized

b. criminally-liable

c. disenfranchised

d. imprisoned

Answer: c

17. “Join the street rallies and demonstrations!” shouted the realists. What was asked of the crowd?

a. Sympathy for a cause

b. Apathy for a cause

c. Empathy for a cause

d. Avoidance of the action

Answer: a

18. The statement “I am used to the same tales” means,

a. there was redundancy

b. there is great news

c. there is nothing new

d. this is original

Answer: c

19. The personnel Manager told the Labor Representative: “We have to reduce our workforce.” What does it mean?

a. Workers have to be more efficient.

b. Workers are required to take their forced leaves.

c. Workers are warned of possible layoffs.

d. Workers have to undergo more training.

Answer: c

20. Some media people are charged of corruption. They are branded as:

a. Commissioners

b. Corruptors

c. Media Grafters

d. “Envelopementalists”

Answer: d

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