LET: General Education Part 27

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 27 of General Education. In preparation for the LET Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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General Education Part 27

1. The capacity of the individual to function in every way at one’s own best.

a. Physical Education

b. Fitness Testing

c. Physical Fitness

d. Motor skill fitness

Answer: c

2. It is a self-motivating activity where one can manipulate to the different parts of the body into varied positions or movement.

a. Coordination

b. Gymnastics

c. Agility

d. Physical fitness

Answer: b

3. Which of the ff. is NOT an aspect of Physical fitness?

a. Static fitness

b. Dynamic fitness

c. Motor skill fitness

d. none of the above

Answer: d

4. Which of the ff. is a way to test physical fitness?

a. Bent-knee curl up

b. Sit and Reach

c. Three minute steps

d. All of the above

Answer: d

5. They are exercise done to improve grace, form and control of body parts through creative movements.

a. Tumbling

b. Knee scale

c. Aerial skills

d. Floor exercise

Answer: d

6. It is a dance or unit formation composed of 4 pairs standing on the side of a hallow square facing center.

a. Circle

b. Promenade

c. Set

d. Break

Answer: c

7. Is a leadership wherein the members show loyalty and pride for their unit.

a. Proficiency

b. Morals

c. Discipline

d. Esprit de Corps.

Answer: d

8. Its purpose is to convey to the reader accurate information concerning the various terrain and geographical features of an area.

a. Globe

b. Map

c. Scale

d. Grid

Answer: b

9. Is help or assistance given to injured person or taken suddenly ill and includes self-help and includes self-help and home care, words of encouragement and promotion of confidence.

a. First Aid

b. Emergency case

c. Ambulatory system

d. none of the above

Answer: a

10. Refers to a general body knowledge that in individual can adopt to reduce the shock of finding one’s self isolated in a desolate place, etc.

a. Survival skills

b. Technical skills

c. Military skills

d. Scientific skills

Answer: a

11. It is the physical dependence or both on a dangerous drug following its administration or use on a periodic or continuous basis.

a. Drug Abuse

b. Drug addiction

c. Drug Dependent

d. Drug Tolerance

Answer: c

12. The policy-making and coordinating agency in drug prevention.

a. Dangerous Drug Board

b. Dept. of Health

c. Nation Bureau of Investigation

d. PNP Anti-Narcotics Commission

Answer: a

13. The means to improve the quality of life of each Filipino through regulation and spacing of child birth, counseling of parents and would-be parents, etc.

a. Family Planning

b. Responsible Parenthood

c. Population Control

d. Contraception

Answer: a

14. It a set of goals and guidelines for changing the rate of population growth in the vital interest of a country.

a. Population Control

b. Population Policy

c. Population Program

d. Population Education

Answer: b

15. It is the act of introducing substances or pollutants into the atmosphere which may be injurious to public health.

a. Water pollution

b. Air pollution

c. Noise Pollution

d. all of the above

Answer: b

16. It is the recovery or reuse of any material to conserve resources and waste disposal.

a. Recycling

b. Segregation

c. Composing

d. Reprocessing

Answer: a

17. Refers to the economic application of laws and process of science and engineering in the preparation and preservation of food.

a. Food Control

b. Food Management

c. Food Technology

d. Food Sanitation

Answer: c

18. The style of performing the lyrics of a song in an half-sung, half-spoken manner.

a. Rap

b. Sprechstimme

c. Expressionism

d. Impressionism

Answer: b

19. The use of different meter signatures in a composition.

a. Multimeter

b. Syncopation

c. Polymeter

d. Polytonally

Answer: a

20. The use of two or more different rhythms played at the same time.

a. Bitonality

b. Polyrhythm

c. Polynality

d. Multimeter

Answer: b

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