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This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 3 of General Education. In preparation for the LET Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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General Education Part 3

1. She ignored the doctor’s recommendation that she _____ smoking.

a. should stop

b. stop

c. will stop

d. stops

Answer: b

2. When I came home, the children still _____ dinner.

a. didn’t finish

b. haven’t finished

c. hadn’t finished

d. hasn’t finished

Answer: c

3. She claimed she ______ there.

a. have never been

b. have never been

c. had never been

d. had not been

Answer: c

4. Neither of them _____ expert on the subject.

a. are

b. is an

c. is an

d. is

Answer: c

5. It cost twice _____ I thought it would.

a. as much as

b. as much

c. more than

d. most

Answer: a

6. The _____ you become, the less time you have for reading.

a. more busy

b. busier

c. busiest

d. more busier

Answer: b

7. She was much different _____ I expected.

a. than

b. from what

c. from

d. than what

Answer: b

8. We have describe that _____ is more important than being bright.

a. to be diligent

b. one to be diligent

c. diligence

d. being diligent

Answer: d

9. Weightlifter: Strength: :

a. marathoner: endurance

b. hiker: agility

c. goalie: skill

d. dancer: speed

Answer: a

10. Lubricant: friction: :

a. speed: drag

b. motor: electricity

c. muffler: noise

d. Insulator: heat

Answer: c

11. Without hardly | a a moment’s delay, the computer began | b to print out | c the answer to | d the problem. No error | e

Answer: a – without

12. Diligence and honesty, as well as | a being intelligence are | b are | c qualities which I look for when | d I interview applicants. No error. | e

Answer: b – intelligence

13. Writing a beautiful sonnet | a is as much | b as achievement as to finish | c50-page | d novel. No error.| e

Answer: c – finishing

14. Elevator: shaft::

a. electricity: outlet

b. water: conduit

c. railroad: train

d. skyscraper: foundation

Answer: b

15, Hydrology: science::

a. astronomy: galaxy

b. fir: tree

c. fashion: style

d. theory: practice

Answer: b

16. In his address, the Regional Director exhorted the teachers to discover and _____ each student’s _____ talents.

a. develop: intrinsic

b. justify: gratuitous

c. redirect: specialty

d. uplift: unrecognized

Answer: a

17. The enforcers feel that the _____ shown by the judges to first offenders unfortunately _____ many youngsters to embark on a life if crimes.

a. harshness: predisposes

b. indifference: directs

c. clemency: encourages

d. understanding: condemns

Answer: c

18. As long as our political leaders would emulate the virtues of the great leaders of our country, we shall have economic and social progress.

a. set free

b. embolden

c. encourage

d. imitate

Answer: d

19. I can safely vouchsafe you a fair return for your investments.

a. borrow

b. grant

c. punish

d. qualify

Answer: b

20. The deal was held in abeyance until her arrival from a sales convention.

a. obedience

b. absence

c. familiar

d. suspended

Answer: d

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