CSE: Verbal Ability Part 3

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 3 of Verbal Ability. In preparation for the Civil Service Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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Verbal Ability Part 3

1. The main protagonist acted out the part with great elan.

a. Enthusiasm and style

b. Great pride

c. Memorize dialogs

d. Supervised movements

Answer: a

2. A breath of fresh air and a change of milieu is what you need to regain your health.

a. Diet

b. Exercise

c. Environment

d. Medicine

Answer: c

3. He’s a good doctor but instead of working in a big hospital, he opts to practice his profession in remote areas.

a. Tries

b. Decides

c. Chooses

d. Starts

Answer: c

4. He dismissed the comment of his immediate superior about him with blithe disregard.

a. Cheerful indifference

b. Heavy heart

c. Misgiving

d. Deep regret

Answer: a

5. A dash of baby powder and a red lipstick enhanced the beauty of her visage.

a. Lips

b. Face

c. Personality

d. Projection

Answer: b

6. His long journey ended up in a hamlet at the foot of a great mountain.

a. Small settlement

b. Remote barrio

c. Waterless community

d. Prosperous village

Answer: a

7. The beautiful facade of the building elicited admirations from the guests.

a. Front

b. Lobby

c. Decoration

d. Paintings

Answer: a

8. Being the scion of a wealthy patriarch, the family enjoys a good life.

a. Relative

b. Descendants

c. Family

d. Servant

Answer: b

9. The impressive lighting produced different hues on her photograph.

a. Colors or shades

b. Shades

c. Reflections

d. Impressions

Answer: a

10. Installing the big, heavy logo of the company at the 25th floor of the building’s facade is herculean task.

a. Problematic

b. Easy

c. Arduous

d. Lucrative

Answer: a

11. Early in the morning, the children frolic at the white sand of the famous beach in Boracay.

a. Sunbathe

b. Play cheerfully

c. Take pictures

d. Crawl

Answer: b

12. The latest memo from the HR department elicited invectives from the employees.

a. Annoyed

b. Insulted

c. Evoked

d Accepted

Answer: c

13. Her impeccable manners draw out admiration and inspirations from her female co-workers.

a. Demure

b. Charming

c. Exciting

d. Flawless

Answer: d

14. The wealthy couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in their palatial mansion in Makati’s millionaires’ district.

a. Architecturally – modern

b. Spanish-styled

c. Ancestral home

d. Spacious

Answer: d

15. His flamboyant personality easily attracts the girls in their neighborhood.

a. Exotic

b. Hot

c. Magnetic

d. Exuberant

Answer: d

16. You cannot help but notice his profane activities being a religious man himself.

a. Respectful

b. Irreverent

c. Modest

d. Illegal

Answer: b

17. She flaunts her new body-hugging spaghetti-strapped dress to attract the attention of the wealthy customers of the cafe.

a. Display ostentatiously

b. Wears with style

c. Unbuttons openly

d. Pulls upward

Answer: a

18. The new project was finished ahead of deadline because they gave it the paramount importance it deserves.

a. Supreme

b. Attentive

c. Desired

d. Needed

Answer: a

19. Her immaculate image was destroyed by the latest rumors about her that circulated in the social media.

a. Beautiful

b. Protected

c. Admirable

d. Spotless

Answer: d

20. Circling the virgin forest is a placid river where you can swim peacefully in the late afternoon and enjoy the cool breeze from the forest.

a. Beautiful

b. Flowing

c. Serene

d. Exciting

Answer: c

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