CSE: Verbal Ability Part 2

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 2 of Verbal Ability. In preparation for the Civil Service Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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Verbal Ability Part 2

1. The colorful pictures and very simple instructions _____ the recipes further and make them truly irresistible.

a. enhance

b. enhances

c. had enhanced

d. would enhance

Answer: a

2. She doesn’t believe in destiny, _____ she?

a. doesn’t

b. does

c. isn’t

d. wasn’t

Answer: b

3. This is a computer-generated get well soon card, ___ it?

a. doesn’t

b. aren’t

c. isn’t

d. is

Answer: c

4. They _____ for a few more minutes and there was suddenly an odd moment of silence, as she looked out the window over the  rooftops of the city.

a. chatted

b. have chatted

c. would cha

d. chats

Answer: a

5. We do appreciate your concern ___ the children in the orphanage.

a, to

b. for

c. with

d. of

Answer: b

6. In recent years, China ___ its internal financial growth to its slowest in 25 years to avoid economic overheating.

a. slows

b. has slowed

c. slowed

d. had slowed

Answer: c

7. Flowers emit and receive various signals according to the personality of the planer that ___ each plant.

a. ruled

b. ruling

c. was ruling

d. rules

Answer: d

8. Feng shui is also ___ to as the study of the way of heaven and earth in relations to humans, helping humans choose a way of life and a place to live.

a. referred

b. refers

c. refer

d. referring

Answer: a

9. A child’s nursery is associated ____ the element wood which symbolizes life, growth, creativity and organic material.

a. to

b. with

c. in

d. on

Answer: b

10. Don’t place chair under exposed beams because the person ___ beneath will find it oppressive.

a. sitting

b. sits

c. seated

d. sat

Answer: c

11. Your dining chair should be even in number because even numbers ___ luck and single chairs loneliness.

a. is representing

b. represented

c, represents

d. represent

Answer: d

12. Capricorn people are also often said to hate compliments, and certainly if you paid one, they often pretend it ___ happen, or swiftly nod their head in thanks and get on with the conversation.

a. doesn’t

b. hasn’t

c. haven’t

d. didn’t

Answer: d

13. They ___ through the woods until they reached a small lake surrounded with beautiful wild flowers of lilacs and laburnums.

a. wandered

b. wondered

c. wanders

d. wonders

Answer: a

14. According to a latest study, students from the city perform better in academics than those from remote areas or from the provinces.

a. performs

b. perform

c. performed

d. have performed

Answer: b

15. Home-cooked food is said to be ___ than those from big, classy restaurant because it is cooked with love.

a. more tastier

b. tasting

c. tasted

d. tastier

Answer: d

16. Winning the crown in beauty contest like Miss Universe Beauty Pageant is not for the ___ beautiful but for those carry themselves with grace and confidence.

a. more

b. most

c. very

d. much

Answer: b

17. Palawan is hailed as one of the most beautiful and the cleanest provinces in the country that’s why it is very popular ___ local and foreign tourists.

a. to

b. with

c. from

d. in

Answer: b

18. Your timecard says you punched in at nine thirty five so you are late, ___ you?

a. don’t

b. isn’t

c. haven’t

d. aren’t

Answer: d

19. She hasn’t returned the books she borrowed from the library, ___ she?

a. has

b. is

c. does

d. hasn’t

Answer: a

20. The title of the book, The Money Secrets of the Super Wealthy refers to the security that can come from knowing you are ___ for a negative event, like a layoff, no matter how much money you have.

a. prepare

b. prepares

c. preparing

d. prepared

Answer: d

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