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This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 4 of Analytical Ability. In preparation for the Civil Service Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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Analytical Ability Part 4

1. V is taller than X but shorter than Y and Z. W is shorter than Y but taller than Z. Arrange all five in a row according to height with the shortest at the left and the tallest at the right.What is the correct order of the arrangement from left to right?






Answer: d

2. Aldrine has more experience in personal work than Erik, Oscar less than Ivan but more than Aldrine, and Erik more than Ulysses bit less than Oscar. Among the five, who has the most experience in personnel work?

a. Aldrine

b. Erik

c. Ivan

d. Oscar

e. Ulysses

Answer: c

3. PROBLEM: A to H are persons compared according to their age and speed at which they finished a certain job. A is older than B and faster than C. D is younger than E, older than C and slower than F, G is older than H, younger than C, Slower than H, and faster than F. H is older than A, slower than C. Based on the preceding statements, which of the following is true?

a. H is older than B and faster than A.

b. G is older than E and slower than A.

c. D is the eldest and slowest.

d. C is younger than D and faster than H.

e. A is the second oldest and the third fastest.

Answer: d

4. Annie is older than Beth. Debbie is younger than Beth. Carla’s age is between that of Debbie and Beth. Annie is younger than Elsa. Who is the youngest among the five girls?

a. Beth

b. Annie

c. Elsa

d. Carlo Frias

e. Carlo Pacis

Answer: d

5. Mark, Ben, Alex and Carlo have surnames Frias, Moreno, Pacis, and Reyes but not respectively. Mark is taller than Alex and Carlo. Mr. Moreno is the tallest of the four. Mr. Frias is taller than Mr. Reyes but shorter than Mr. Pacis. Also, Carlo is taller than Alex and Ben. What is the full name of the second tallest man?

a. Mark Pacis

b. Alex Moreno

c. Ben Reyes

d. Carlo Frias

e. Carlo Pacis

Answer: e

6. Particia, Angeline, melody and Lorrea have surnames Altamonte, Salameda, Montemayor, and Verder, but not respectively. Patricia is taller than Melody and Lorrea. Ms, Salameda is the tallest of the four. Ms. Altamonte is taller than Ms. Verder but shorter than Ms. Montemayor. Also, Lorrea is taller than Melody and Angeline. What is the full name of the second tallest person?

a. Lorrea Montemayor

b. Lorrea Altamonte

c. Melody Salameda

d. Angeline Verder

e. Patricia Montemayor

Answer: a

7. Anna, Karen, and Nina take turns in getting the midnight shift at Ward 143, such that no one is assigned two nights in a row. Anna was assigned two night ago and is assigned again tomorrow evening. If Karen is assigned the night immediately following Anna’s duty, who can take the midnight shift?

a. Only Anna

b. Only Karen

c. Only Nina

d. Either Anna and Karen

e. Either Anna or Nina

Answer: c

8. Edmond is taller than Aires but smaller than Rita. If E=Edmond’s height, R=Rita’s Height. Which of the following statements is true?

a. A<E<R

b. R<A<E

c. E<R<A

d. A<R<E

e. E<A<R

Answer: a

9. Points A, B, C, D are arranged in a line in such a way that B is between C and D, and A is between B and D. If A precedes C, in what order are they?






Answer: d

10. Points E, F, G and I are arranged in a line in such a way that F is between G and I, and E is between F and I. If E precedes G, in what order are they?






Answer: d

11. If all the odd numbered letters in the English alphabet ware to be crossed out, what is the 10th letter NOT crossed out?

a. U

b. S

c. R

d. Q

e. T

Answer: e

12. If all the even numbered letters in the English alphabet were to be crossed out, what is the 10th letter NOT crossed out?

a. U

b. S

c. R

d. Q

e. T

Answer: a

13. If the first and fourteenth letters of the English alphabet were interchanged, also, the second and fifteenth, the third and sixteenth, and so on until all letters have been interchanged once. What letter would be the eighteenth letter of the series?

a. F

b. S

c. D

d. E

f. H

Answer: d

14. An employment agency has 50 prospective employees to hire for various jobs. Of these 50, seven are considered to be poor employment risk, since, among the seven, five are lazy whole four have poor health. At least how many are both lazy and have poor health?

a. Two

b. Four

c. Five

d. Six

e. Seven

Answer: a

15. In an election, three candidates A, B, and C vied for the same office. The final counting showed that A garnered 1/3 of the votes while B received more votes than C. Everyone voted for exactly one candidate. What is their ranking from first to last?

a. ABC

b. BAC

c. BCA

d. ACB

e. CBA

Answer: b

16. Lita, Joy, and Hermes are standing in a line. Lita and Joy are 8ft, away from each other while Lite and Hermes are 12ft. away. If Joy and Hermes are 20ft. away from each other. Which of the following statements is true?

a. Hermes is 5ft away from Lita and Joy.

b. Hermes is between Joy and Hermes.

c. Lita is between Joy and Hermes.

d. Joy is between Lita and Hermes.

e. The information is insufficient to describe their arrangement.

Answer: c

17. Of the three brothers. Emil , Bobby and Ed, one is a lawyer, an engineer, and the third a doctor, not necessary in that order. Emil does not know the meaning of the word “litigant”. Bobby has not seen a “drawing board” while Ed does not know how to use a “stethoscope”. Their neighbor, Mr. Santos, is a patient of Bobby, Who is the engineer?

a. Bobby

b. Either Bobby or Ed

c. Either Emil or Ed

d. Emil

e. Ed

Answer: d

18. A, B, C, and E are kinds of insects that destroy the crops of a particular region. Insect A destroys C, D, and E; B destroys C, D, and E; C destroys A and B; D and E destroys each other. Of the five kinds of insects, which one is the most useful in exterminating the other insects?

a. B

b. E

c. A

d. C

e. D

Answer: d

19. Three neighborhood dogs A, B, and C barked consistently last night. They all befan barking at 11:00pm, Then A barked every 4 minutes, B every 2 minutes, and C every 5 minutes. Mr. Santos was suddenly awakened at 11:30pm. Which dogs were barking?

a. A, B and C

b. A and B

c. A and C

d. B and C

e. None

Answer: d

20. There are ten students in a room. In how many ways can they shake hands each other once?

a. 100

b. 9

c. 10

d. 90

e. 45

Answer: e

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