CSE: Verbal Ability Part 1

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 1 of Verbal Ability. In preparation for the Civil Service Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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Verbal Ability Part 1

1. I think the answer to the Philippines’ economic woes ______ really entrepreneurship.

a. are

b. was

c. is

d. were

Answer: c

2. I really _____ interested to know the ingredients of your well-loved recipe.

a. am

b. was

c. is

d. were

Answer: a

3. It was in 1977 when Rosa and her sisters ______ their paper crafts company.

a. launches

b. launch

c. launched

d. have launched

Answer: c

4. The effects of global warming ____ irregular weather patterns that can threaten agriculture and eventually the world food supply.

a. including

b. includes

c. Include

d. Included

Answer: c

5. The wife was ____ to see her husband in jail before she was accompanied to the airport by the country police.

a. allow

b. allowed

c. allows

d. allowing

Answer: b

6. Keeping up ____ the fashion trend is costly because you have to buy whatever is new in the market.

a. for

b. to

c. with

d. in

Answer: c

7. One could see the white smoke rising from the cathedral’s tower, signaling a new pope ____ chosen.

a. was

b. is

c. has been

d. were

Answer: c

8. Click ____ the item displays to check the clothes in stock, and choose from the many items available.

a. on

b. in

c. to

d. for

Answer: a

9. Specialists ____ on training and item-boosting stats that are most suited to their role in the field.

a. work

b. works

c. working

d. has worked

Answer: a

10. Some guests also take pictures of us and I really enjoy that because I ____ our charismatic community.

a. loved

b. loves

c. love

d. has loved

Answer: c

11. It is ____ that you first drink water before you go walking in the park.

a. advice

b. advised

c. advise

d. advices

Answer: b

12. The team member in front ___ go on a head, making sure he or she lays trap in prime locations to slow down anyone behind him or her.

a. must

b. should

c. will

d. would

Answer: a

13. While the legends of the mystical roses were widespread, no one has actually ____ them in person.

a. saw

b. seen

c. see

d. sees

Answer: b

14. Teamwork ____ a must in different situations, and each member of the group is important for each has his or her role.

a. is

b. was

c. are

d. were

Answer: a

15. The movie, Into Your Hands, was a real tear jerker it nearly ____ me cry when I watched it last month.

a. make

b. has made

c. made

d. makes

Answer: c

16. Hope has ____ anew for the cancer-stricken patient after the discovery of a new herbal medicine.

a. spring

b. springs

c. sprang

d. sprung

Answer: d

17. The well-loved chef wanted to feature recipes with an Ilocano influence to show his viewers that Ilocano cuisine ____be global.

a. must

b. can

c. should

d. may

Answer: b

18. The secret to cooking delicious continental food ____ to create the perfect blend of flavors.

a. is

b. was

c. will be

d. are

Answer: a

19. Rosa ____ the family-owned Tiffany’s Pares Food house which serves that locals as well as the foreign guest of their beautiful town.

a. managed

b. manages

c. must manage

d. could manage

Answer: b

20. You remember this nursery rhyme, ___ you?

a. Aren’t you

b. Doesn’t

c. Weren’t

d. Don’t

Answer: d

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