LET: General Education Part 13

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 13 of General Education. In preparation for the LET Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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General Education Part 13

1. To lessen vehicular air pollution, the government should?

a. ask pedestrians to use bicycles.

b. utilize rail transit like MRT and LRT

c. impose stiffer penalties on decade old vehicles

d. ban smoke-belchers on the roads

Answer: d

2. Developing mines require getting a DENR clearance. Which of the ff. clearances are required?

a. air pollution clearance

b. waster disposal clearance

c. environmental clearance

d. LGU clearance

Answer: c

3. The latest discovery in biological science as applied to animal industry, is most widely used in?

a. tissue transplant

b. cloning of animals

c. artificial breeding

d. reproduction

Answer: c

4. Agricultural centers have found lately varieties of coconut propagation. Through what means were the coconut varieties discovered and distributed?

a. tissue culture laboratories

b. scholarships

c. seed selection

d. putting up plant nurseries

Answer: d

5. Food preparation are handled well to avoid spoilage caused by _____ in the preparation and processing of the food products.

a. miscalculation

b. scholarship

c. seed selection

d. putting up plant nurseries

Answer: c

6. The DOH warns the public about preservatives being used in vegetables. What advice could you give with regards ensuring safe vegetables.

a. freeze the vegetables

b. wash the vegetables well with clean water

c. soak them with detergents

d. consume them immediately

Answer: b

7. School feeding and milk rationing programs to schoolchildren are being implemented by the government.

a. have pogi points

b. special program of DepEd & DOH

c. provide food supplements

d. stop malnutrition among school children

Answer: d

8. Food, plants and other animal wastes should be segregated in waste disposal because?

a. these are biodegradable

b. these are non-biodegradable

c. there are disease-carrier

d. they are unsanitary

Answer: a

9. People on earth experience day and night regularly every 24hrs. Why is this so?

a. because the earth rotates on its own axis

b. because the earth revolves on its own axis

c. because the earth tilts on its own access

d. because the earth revolves around the sun

Answer: a

10. Acid rain cause fish kills, destroy building, dissolve river nutrients, etc. Which of the ff. cause acid rain?

a. forest fires

b. burning of fossil fuels

c. use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

d. vehicle emission

Answer: b

11. Is the relationship between an organism and a host where neither is benefited nor harmed.

a. commensalism

b. competitive

c. parasitic

d. mutualistic

Answer: a

12. Living and feeding on leaves by the caterpillar in an example of _____ relationship.

a. competitive

b. mutualistic

c. parasitic

d. predatory

Answer: c

13. Which of the following is not used in the manufacture of food by green plants?

a. carbon dioxide

b. sun

c. water and soil nutrients

d. oxygen

Answer: d

14. Josef weighs 65 kilos on the ground. How much is the force of gravity on him?

a. 65 kilos

b. 130 kilos

c. 32,75 kilos

d. none

Answer: a

15. During respiration, green plants take in?

a. water

b. carbon dioxide

c. oxygen

d. carbon dioxide and water

Answer: c

16. A root may perform all the following functions except?

a. photosynthesis

b. anchorage

c. food storage

d. water absorption

Answer: a

17. Ang kutsilyo ni Mang Atong ay kinalawang pagkatapos ng ilang buwan, Ano ang sanhi nito?

a. ang hydrogen ay humalo sa iron

b. pag-ulan

c. may mikrobyo ang kutsilyo

d, kutsilyo ay yari sa metal

Answer: b

18. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang nagpapakita ng kemikal na pagbabago?

a. pagsunog ng papel

b. pag-ulan

c. pagkatunaw ng yelo

d. pag-ebaporeyt ng tubig

Answer: a

19. Ito ay ang pagtaas ng likido sa maliit na tubo.

a. akselerasyon

b. absorpsyon

c. adsorpsyon

d. capillarity

Answer: d

20. Ito ay ang paulit-ulit na pagbabago sa pagtaas at pagbaba ng tubig sa mga baybayin.

a. wave

b. wave velocity

c. high tide

d. tides

Answer: d

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